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Swoo Aug 28

Oh Joy how you come at me like the beach waves though. I'm tumbled on the the ground humbled all joy to the furthest corners of my feels. A sneaky one you already beat spring to it didn't you? Done with the teases and little glimses and graced us with full body appearances oh joy. She's an escapee from the garden this one. All stylish even on disguise cap and sun glasses like she's on the run yet she's all joy dressed like the sky as nature's own. -Sw👀
Swoo Aug 2
She wore a t- shirt that said Goodbye Beautiful but beauty  never left her. Actually every time I saw her beautiful was always with her.... Out standing a force of nature. A treat to my natural lances. Ciao Bella but beautiful I hope you never live me. Sw👀
Swoo Jul 5
Look at me. Look at me and let my reflection get trapped in those👀as I journey to places that no being's ever been and I'll triumph. Since thru those windows is where I find home. And thru those windows is where I'd find you if you ever got lost from me. Look at me. -Sw👀
Swoo May 13
You're my hyper spirit in this pendemic. When tomorrow is uncertain I'm hopeful. Since your bigger dreams make my dreams bigger than I've known them to be. So in this cold  night I'm here thinking about you, as far as you are from me I'm close to you my better tomorrow. ,- My Better Tomorrow.  Sw👀
Swoo May 9
Without the glimses of you I'm numb! We often C😕nfuse functioning with feeling.
Without the contact of you I function. Though as you and I rendezvou in one frequency. I get to feel I come alive more than I already am. You're the feeling I love the most. - Sw👀

— The End —