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Tanner C Mar 13
I didn't know who I was looking at. First glance.

I thought maybe this was just another Soul I'd get to walk this Earth knowing.

But Never in My wildest dreams did I ever think I'd want to Walk this Earth WITH You.

Maybe it was Your Hazel Eyes.

Glowing like warm Amber veins on Leather Canvas.

Glints of Green shimmering around Your Irises.

Maybe it was when I felt the weight of Your hand in mine.

A weight I knew held much Love inside Her as well an immense feeling of Sadness.

When we first met, I didnt know Who I was dealing with.

I'm dealing with an unapologetic Theif.

When our lips first touched it shifted something in Me.

Something twisted came untwined...

I felt a real sense of Love again.

You who stole My heart so easily and effortlessly.

Although probably unintentional on Her part.

She Stole every bit of focus inside Me.

I can't help but have this overwhelming urge to just shower You in everything You've been missing.

Love... Affection... Gratitude... Attention... Appreciation... Respect....
For The Love of My Life H.Pinner 2/14/2020

— The End —