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Nuna  Apr 2018
Nuna Apr 2018
tell me about all those things you hate about yourself
and I will love them
and make sure
you go to sleep loving them too
tell me about the people you've done wrong
and I will forgive you
tell me about the love you've wasted
and I will return it back to you
tell me about all the hate and hurt
that has been caused to you
and I swear I will fill you with love and happiness
tell me about your broken heart
and I will give you the pieces left of mine
written two years ago
Gabriel Ibarra  May 2019
Gabriel Ibarra May 2019
I cling to your every thread
Your strands entwined with mine
Every fiber feeling deeply for you
My sweetest, dearest, love come true
jas  Jul 2018
jas Jul 2018

try so hard
to get with you
struggling ,
looking like a fool
you don't want me
so you say
yeah, hear that **** everyday
its nothing new
tell me something real
put me in my ******* place
im so tired
running in circles
playing all of your silly games

****, pay attention to me
maybe we can get thru things
all of it that you deny
going to wind up with some other guy
who gives no *****
now ur chasing after lust
it should've been lust
should have been us

im standing here so strong
waiting to feel this love
break me down
now im numb
i don't even know trust
just **** me up

its always been you from the start
didn't quite know it but inside my heart
quite a spark
much like a firework on the fourth of july
looking at **** now your the love of my life

The list of things that I wanna do with him,
the situations I wanna be in,
the scenarios I've created in my head,
all of it,
it's huge.
But trust me, it's cute.
I wanna adore him,
like I adore god for sending him on this planet.
I wanna be around him,
like that bracelet in his hand.
I wanna hug him,
like the beach does,
to the sand.
I wanna be a part of him,
like the sun becomes,
of the river,
at dusk.
I wanna make love with him,
but with good intentions and purity.
I wanna love him,
till my soul leaves my body.
I wanna give it all for him,
and live with him till my last breathe.
But what if he's not upto all this ?
What if he don't wanna do the things,
that I wanna do ?
What if god have just sent him to give me another heartbreak ?
From strangers to friends,
Then, friends to something more,
And then, both of us just started to ignore.
as you shifted from frequently contacted to block list in my phone,
and everything we had between us,
just got vanished !

And now it's sad how we have nothing between us anymore.
I am seriously scared to catch feelings anymore !
I don't know if I am good enough for you.
Maybe you deserve someone better,
and not a mess like me.

No matter how hard I try,
memories play in my head on repeat.
I try to forget you,
but a part of me,
just don't let you go.
Youu moved on and I'm still standing here,
waiting for you to look back and say,
"are you ok my love ?"

Yes I was the one who ended it !
Because I was mad at myself,
and not at you.
Yes ! I miss you and I still love you.
But when you will come in front of me,
I'll just act like I am better off without you,
And I don't need you.

But it's really not true,
but I'll act so.
Because I accept that,
Whatever happened can't be undone.
So I'll take it as a lesson,
because you can't be forgave the forgot.
ayye one of my favourites haha.Show some love.
Guppy Mar 2019
I probably won’t ever give up on your love
You are light I need in my darkest times
You let me see the beauty in what your love can bring to me
You may be PMB but to me you’re the LOML
We have talked about the future we could have
And I want it all to come true
What we could have is truly endless
You need me and I need you
I ain’t trying to play you
All I wanna do is love you and what we have
You the true meaning of ride or die
Cause you have seen me pass through all these ******
Like they ain’t mean **** to me
And you still saying you love me
Like **** am I blessed?
Got me thinking
Feeling like I ain’t know what’s best for me

— The End —