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La Tristesse May 2018
Hey, temptress!
You pretty little thing.
You wrapped around my neck,
Then you began to sing.
You breathed into my mouth,
And I took all of you in.

Hey, crooner!
You sultry seamstress...
My only Eleni Mandell.
You were lulling me to sleep,
So onto my bed, I fell.
And I thought I was in heaven...
Never thought I'd wake up in hell.
And I am never coming back...
This much, I can tell.

Hey, Betty!
You told me...
Everything's gonna be alright.
But my momma's been cryin'...
All day, all night.

****, Betty!
You told me...
You were gonna set things right.
But, everywhere, there's just fire,
And it has set my soul alight.
Samantha Jan 2018
Hydrogen, a gas
Fusing in the night sky stars
As we watch in awe.

Helium, such a
Noble gas, lightly lovely,
Filling our balloons.

Our first alkali
Lithium, lightest metal,
   Stabilizing moods.

Beryllium, a
Metal that makes alloys which
Are strong and don't spark.

Do your laundry, friends,
And experience boron:
Borax detergent.
I want to make a haiku for each element, five at a time! Or at least, the naturally occuring elements.
JayceeJellies Mar 2016
I breathe it in from the end
Of this balloon that I'm holding
and blow it back in
I keep inhaling,
I'm finally doing it.
I'm getting out.
No more worries;
No more doubts
Because now my lungs are helium doused .
I had a dream about this and thought I'd write about it.
Dot Apr 2015
My little helium filled heart
floats off into the clouds,
free from the weight of itself.
It makes miniatures of buildings
losing sight of material things.
From its' skewed perspective,
high in the stratosphere,
It has grown bigger than
the earth itself.

There is poetic sadness
in finally reaching happy;
a lust for inspiration
in the openness of the
universe it creates.
Happy Friday
Marieta Maglas Jan 2015
While the bud butterflies melt their wings
Within the light red poppy chain,
The pink-gray clouded, sad sunset rings.
In this lost sky, the sun's light vein
Is almost thrown in a ****** rain.

The leaving sun abandons the sky
For the moon, and in the cricket crawl
The leaves of the oaks whisper 'good bye',
While the coming night has a dark shawl.
She looks at the stars with a black eye.

The sun and the stars find synergy,
In the regolith on the moon,
But with helium fusing energy,
This moon looks like a big balloon,
Or like a fragile, silky cocoon.

And like those thoughts enveloped in words,
Or like angels carrying their pure love,
Are the Feathers of the Holy Birds
In that rain dropping the divine globes
On the strong souls needing love rewards.

Any epistemological sphere
Is pouring up to the Holy Book,
Or is falling down to disappear.
The reverse arch gets a killer look.
Tries to provide fragrance of fear.

The fluid, wicked waves draining in sight
On Earth to meet at infinity
Are like the dark rays in the pure light.
Light rays are arches of Trinity,
While dressed in wind seems to be the night.

Stars are candles and night lights them all,
The colors withdraw in the last light.
In the black darkness, they look so small.
The dream seeds germinate for a fight,
Becoming real while breaking their wall.

© copyright Marieta Maglas
Trinity,God, butterflies, poppy, sun,sky, rain,night,light,eye,helium,regolith, word, love

— The End —