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bipolarbandaids Jul 2016
keeping me from iridescent mania
cutting of the air to my lungs
strangling me with snaky grey
oozing with itchy slime
that gets in every pore
depression and self loathing set in
why is this my prescription?
bipolarbandaids Jul 2016
I'm scared of the monsters under my bed
where they live after escaping my head
they groan and scream mean things at me
all from the land of the dead
bipolarbandaids Jun 2016
up up flying
its simply electrifying
painstakingly terrifying
killing me now testifying
im like a kite that keeps untying
and my tongue it keeps on lying
the truth im still denying
hiding from what youre implying
on me you need to stop relying
my shoulders persist on sighing
afterall i gave up trying
i think i might be dying
bipolarbandaids Jun 2016
they say dont self medicate
but i cant keep living this way
cant take all the anger and hate
drifting around getting lost in the gray.
would a cigarette be a real devastation?
Then theres all forms of self mutilation
i could always drown my uneasiness
with bottle after bottle of 60proof queasiness
theres all sorts of remedies
in prescription form
theyll make you feel happy and ecstatic and warm
or theyll make everything fuzzy and drag you down low
give your head an awful sort of chemical blow
theres so many options
theyll make me feel great
take away the bad feelings
coerce my mood to elevate
bipolarbandaids Jun 2016
well it actually happened
i guess i fell in love
but everything seems to be messed up

you see my lovers a demon
with sugar flavored lips
shes poison and treasure
is hidden right below her hips

im crazy for craving her
and her perfume of nicotine
im crazy for loving her
because she isnt what she seems

up and down and back again
rollercoaster of euphoria
hot and cold and warm again
drowing in hysteria

my love,
her name is mania
bipolarbandaids Jun 2016
sleeping pills
and flying over window sills
nicotine and mary jane
flick and then lighter flames
one for here and one to go
alcohol that over flows
ecstasy and acid dreams
lots of methamphetamines
piles of my razor blades
unsafe amounts of ***** *******
oh Lord i might be dying
i dont care 'cause now im flying

— The End —