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duang fu Apr 28
she is a star
suspended in dreamlike wonder
i wonder where i can find you
covered in sunflower petals and hay
where in sunrise the flowers bow their heads to you
celestial bodies fall from the sky
drawn to heavenly presence
riding over velvet winds
i stumble and sail
Angela -
you are bloodied and disfigured
red from a soldier’s bite
the breeze bows to your sword in hand
as the sky turns ashen crimson
and you call out to the bodies
of the people before you
in declining crescendo
Angela -
you are a warrior
but you are cracked open
and i want to ask you if that hurts
the 1975 - surrounded by heads and bodies
28 april 2019; 11.01pm
Ffimax Nov 2018
I've been to east, i've been to west
To look for something I can call as best
I conquered every minute for a quest
But flying is not for chicken with a nest

Oh Angela, where to find you?
Are you as broken as I do?
Do you bleed or pale as blue?
Are you also inlove with someone too?

Time seems to bother me
Because my love for you takes endlessly
This is not a metaphor or simile
It's something you can feel but you can't see

If destiny knocks on your heart
Please remember I'm here for you from the start
Graciously you are an art
My angela, you are beautiful and smart
Angela Rose Nov 2017
I wear pearls and over use glitter and I don't know a thing about makeup
My face tells you how I feel about you way before my mouth gets the chance to do so
I drink coffee exclusively at 5 in the afternoon, and by the time I am done with it it's a lot more like a cup of cream and sugar than coffee
My heart is big and full of love, but also full of rage and anger for the things I cannot control
I am five feet tall, but my attitude and my drive makes me feel like a giant
My drinking habits could make a grown man cringe and I could out-drink you in any competition
I say hello to every animal I see on the streets and I go so far as to try to pet them all even though they want nothing to do with me
My eyes and my hair are so dark that they are almost pitch black, but my mother swears I was born with baby blue eyes
I do not have any idea how to control my laughter in uncomfortable situations and I have no filter around small children
My demeanor gets sad and lonely every time it storms, and it's not like I was in some terrible rain innitiated accident, I just get scared sometimes
I stare at myself in every mirror I pass and my mother used to tell me I was such a narcissist
My love for everyone I have ever loved has never diminished or passed and somehow that makes me feel vulnerable and weak
I grew up in a city full of crime and gun shots and children with next to no education and I flourished despite that all
My mind knows how to organize words and sentences into exquisite works of art, but do not ask me how to do PEMDAS and do not ask me about photosynthesis
I know the lyrics to almost every song I have ever heard in my entire life and I can sing you any lullaby that makes you fall asleep
So, in conclusion my "About Me" is long and awkward and damaged and perfect in some kind of absurd and silly way
Jordan Rains Jul 2016
A poem she wrote touched my heart a lot.
Next day we talked- poetry brought us close.
Getting to know her was more than fun I thought.
Every poem she wrote is a beautiful prose.

Love the way she writes her life as poetry.
A wife, a mother, and a coffee nut- that is she.
Maybe she's a godsend to make a poet free.
Angel from MinneSNOWta! Stay forever, Please agree!

Every day we talked and a nice friend I got.
By the way, let me tell you I have a lot of flaws.
Unknown to me, yet she cared a lot.
Rope she threw, gave hope & brought us close.

Now she is my good friend, I love her for that.
Even though we never met, she's always in my heart.
This friendship we have will live even after we depart.
This is for you, Angela! I'm thinking how you're gonna react.
It's Serendipitous. Lol!
This is for my friend Angela Mae. Thank you! (:
Maggie Emmett Aug 2014
~ for Angela Scuteri ~

Cancer cells bloom and open
their capsules split apart
and spit the pips
on the red tide.
I didn't find the time in the months I was around you
To ever say, "Hello,"
Or learn your name.
Angela S.
I didn't know it until today.

I didn't know that you were thirty-six until I read the articles about you.
I knew that you were late to choir sometimes,
And you wore shorts even when it was cold.
I didn't know you lived in those apartments until the police were investigating them.
My sister lived so close to there.

I didn't find the time to know you,
Angela S.
But I found the time to judge you.
You stood between seconds and you were a first.
You didn't know your parts very well.
I was annoyed.
It's concert choir, no audition.
I shouldn't have been so bothered.
I'm sorry.

That was the last time I saw you.
I didn't know you had a son until after he found your body.
I knew next to nothing about you until you were shot.
We sang the same music for months.
A woman I've been singing alto with all term was murdered yesterday, and her little boy found her. Last week I was bothered that she sang the wrong line. Now she's dead.

— The End —