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divinity m Jan 6
once my time has been cut short
do not put me in a pretty box
and leave me in an eternal sleep.
don't mourn the person i used to be.
instead, extinguish the fire
that was once inside me
with more fire.
disintegrate every peice of me.
scatter my ashes
across the four corners of the earth.
or drown them.
make sure i won't be able
to ever come back.

     I'm sorry. Everything about me
you see as wrong, I
see as inescapable.

     Truth be told,
I have never wanted to escape
a thing   but you.


     I just don't buy into your Yeshua.


     I wear the tattoo of the sulfur cross.
And I wear it well.
In a graveyard by
a temple of maniacs
I dream to hold
your crippled hand
and cremate
my starving soul
in the space
the approval of your graceful thighs...

-Samar Charulingah Godfrey
Smriti Ranabhat Oct 2017
To feel beauty ,
Forget green earth
Get release from the world silently
Cremate life
Then sprinkle those ashes
Death is beauty , whoever left , forgets the green earth
Crimsyy Mar 2017
Light belongs to everyone
even amongst the darkest shade of black,
now tell me, what is it
that my soul lacks?
I'd love to be illuminated
by you,
and I'd just like to say
I really admire the way
you're there when I need you
every 9 o'clock
when I stare out
the corridor window,
no matter the tone of day.
Oh Luna, these mortals
send my sanity astray
while my dear
cremate my lamentations
to show me that underneath it all,
there is a bundle of paranoxisms,
beautiful and bursting,
otherwise known as *me.

— The End —