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Amanda Sheehan Aug 2019
A Rush of spring
Ever in my veins
And the days
Kaleidoscope lace
All was Midas touched,
Pure gold
But now eternity too
Grows old
Amanda Sheehan Aug 2019
It’s a vital red
A scorpion’s sting
A piercing and
Unending scream
It ripped apart the
Heart of me
And still it
Goes on running
Amanda Sheehan Jul 2019
I will never again
Hold you in a
Tangle of roses
I will never again
Touch your
Celestial skin
But like a
Lost moon
I will orbit
Your memory
Until the night
Takes me where
You’ve been
Amanda Sheehan Jul 2019
At the grand party
Dressed in my best
I whirl round like a mad dervish
How to take all of the gold under my skin
All in just one night
I claw at the gates of eternity
Begging for another invitation
Amanda Sheehan Jul 2019
I thought we built
Our walls of crystal
But glass shards fell
All around us
As we stood beneath
A blood red moon and
Wept for what had
Never been
Amanda Sheehan Jul 2019
Love like ambrosia
Melted me to
A golden river
I thought you’d wind me
Through paradise valleys
But I find myself
Alone, in no man’s land
Amanda Sheehan Jul 2019
Every inch a battlefield
Charred and pitted
I can admit no
Only black
Of mourning
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