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E Bhrèagha Mar 25
Reading your thoughts as you

Paint mine in acrylics upon aged canvas:

I let your mind entangle itself,

Synapses echoing and

I swear it's through osmosis

That our ideas bleed into one another,

Running like watercolours,

Making the edges

Of the paper

E Bhrèagha Mar 25
writing orrery unto unlined pages
lest my hand stills and my mind with it
turns away from all insignificance
E Bhrèagha Feb 20
You hurt

me the way

ice burns skin,

frost biting flesh

until your words were

tattooed into my mind and

some strange poison

ran through

my veins.
E Bhrèagha Feb 6
Drown me in acrylics
So I may become art,
Abstract at best;

And write my hidden name in charcoal
A hundred times upon my skin
So I won't forget.
E Bhrèagha Feb 5
Teal like aluminum foil,

Bleeding gums, spitting blood

Red as lipstick stains

Left on paper cups of coffee,

Melting the way chocolates do

Cracked knuckles from

Too many seaside winters,

Rich cocoa skin like leather

Mouth filling with soap bubbles,

Teal like synesthesia.
E Bhrèagha Feb 4
Your name melts upon my tongue,

Lips meeting mine softly,

And eyelashes brush my cheek as 

Deep amber pools are hidden from light;

Seashell skin running through air,

Tracing spirals against mine,

Moments falling as wind throws sand,

Bright hair dancing fractals across sky —

I've never known a blue this deep,

Richer than silent I-love-yous

Thrown to the sea.
E Bhrèagha Feb 4
Dewdrop thread connection,

Solace in another life —

That which fails to speak the tongue

Whose words run slightly,

Burning ginger sounds  

Drowned in ivory screams:

Cease fire for the secret

Is already known.

Leave all by the willow,

River running to the sea

Where it will be forgot;

And heart pounds as waves do,

Stealing breath, staining canvas,

Letting voices speak not in language

B'knownst to human life, but in

Melodic cries of the unseen

Flooding eyes as they close

For each is ever alone.
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