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Ismail Nasution Feb 2020
Just like a leap year
We'll be together again
For another bye
Just by thinking of it creeps me out
LH Jan 2020
To take that step
You bare your soul
Ready for rejection
Vulnerability taking hold

To take that step
You steel yourself
Ready for acceptance
Love thyself

To take that step
You make a transition
Acceptance, rejection
What’s the decision

But to not to take that step
To not be vulnerable
Keeps you safe
Leaves you comfortable

To not take the step
A life stagnates
Lack of fulfilment
Wahed Jan 2020
Enveloping darkness,
Mysterious and daunting.
Secrets are covered,
Memories disappearing.

Confusion overwhelms,
Frustrating and painful.
Lies find life,
Shadows follow...

The ledge is near...
Fear leads me,
Can I even jump?
It feels as though the darkness completes me.

Spiraling deeper,
Emotions are out of control.
A whirlwind of pain,
A never ending hole.

Surrender, surrender!
Drop the capital “I”
Break the cycle,
Rip up the box!

The ledge is near...
always within sight,
ever shall it linger,
Until we learn to take up the fight!

The key is gratitude.
The lock is hope.
The doorway can open a new adventure,
But only if you are seeking what is true...

Leave the shadow,
Face the almighty sun!
Let the rays shine brightly,
Let the journey of love start the fun...

The ledge is here...
Now what shall be done?
I took a leap
without a net

in midair waiting
Yue Wang Yitkbel Oct 2019
The deep ache of societal idleness
Of Invisible pain and the unscarred
Thirsty for a hunger, but never to starve
Have-alls more lost than have-nots
Overlooked by seekers of poverty
Unvalued by those just like us

Never close enough to death
To grip existence for dear life

What is the cure to such tedium
Why have we come thus far
Is this the usual tail of prosperity
Or is it a sign of an unprecedented leap

I feel and already see
Great changes coming
A looming gloom or the unimaginable haven
Keep faith in the excitement
Of the never before felt
State of being and

With the wonder
Of a child dreaming of the unknown
With fear and fearless hope
Love for it all
We're Suffering the Death of Curiosity
By: Yue Xing ****
Monday, October 7, 2019 1:45AM
Tetra Hachiko Jul 2019
Say goodbye to all you knew
This includes your family, too
Starting fresh can sound so great
Up until you take the bait
But once you jump, you can’t un-leap
For your choices you must keep
This does not mean all is lost
Simply put, you’ve paid the cost
After all you’ve been through
Now its time to start anew
You left behind what you outgrew
So you could be with those that love you.
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