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Amanda Apr 2016
"We can't do this anymore,"
you said to me in a dream.
I'm so happy that you're happy,
but I wish that it were me.

It's human nature to be selfish,
that's why my heart is torn in two;
I was here when no one else was
I only wish that I knew
where and with whom
your heart lies
because the truths you've told
have been far too few.

My arms are holding blankets
and you're in her arms now.
I guess this is the final curtain call:
Stand up
and take a bow.
Amanda Mar 2016
we've become
and without you
I've realized
how strange it is

to go from

Best friends
and back to

And yet
I still love you;
though now we're

*isn't it strange,
how strange it is?
Amanda Mar 2016
One year.
It's been
one year
without you
down here;
One year
full of
sadness and grieving
and tears.
One year of
questions, disbelief
and acceptance.
One year,
and I've learned
to count my blessings.
One year -
I pray that wherever
the afterlife takes us,
well I hope
that's where you are
and I hope
you're happy there,
because we
sure as hell miss you
One year.
My good friend/ex boyfriend Dave passed away last March from drunk driving. Please don't throw caution to the wind with your own life. You are hurting more people than you know. Rest easy, babe.
Amanda Jan 2016
If ever you need
an instant reminder
of your mortality;
cast your eyes
toward the night sky
and gaze upon
the endless stars.
Amanda Jan 2016
I wish my heart could be
as innocent
as it once was
before it knew
h e ar t bre a k.
Amanda Jan 2016
they're my own
worst enemy.
They won't
let me
let you

And when I
from dreaming,
I know
all I've ever needed
to know..
Amanda Dec 2015
Missed calls at 1 am
I wonder where you are.
Even then, especially now
you always were too far.

I'm done with broken promises,
I'm over empty feelings.

What happened?
Tell me, please.
My head's spinning in circles
and I'm down here on my knees.


I'm writing this a year and a half later
to let you know I'm still here.
But as for you, well I'm quite sure
you've up and disappeared.


It's been two years since I started
this ******-up love letter
in your absence.
I wish I could say I still miss you,
that I'm still driven crazy by so much madness;
but I realized I'd been holding on
to the ghosts of
your words
your touch

You were like
the ever-changing seasons,
and I soon realized:
You are no longer
the person
I once knew.
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