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Kamva Mar 2019
There's a green wide eyed bird of spring that stares at me every morning
He looks at me with his protruding piercing eyes
Never blinks nor moves stationary like the sands of the Sahara
He whistles a song that echoes through my brain
A scene only valid in spring made for the eye to admire
He seems to live within the moment staring heavily
Come visit me this fine spring day as I gaze back at my friend.
A poem about the beauty a bird(woman) that brings wonder to my eyes.
clever Jan 2019
you're ******.
i'm *******.
we got nothing left to lose.
but tonight it was better than ever before.
Paula Sullaj Jun 2018
June ' s
m oo n
hi d e s
a g a in
C  a  t s
s  t  a y
a p a rt
f r o m
d o g s'
b a rks
                             The multiverse manifests
                             itself  in  d r e a m s ........
From the beginning of time to what comes after.
Ad infinitum.
Elizabeth Zenk Jun 2018
Hope: Low
Effort: Lost
Nickname: Loser
Heart: Longing
In Need Of: Love
The World Was The Lion She Was The: Lamb
Shane Willey Jun 2018
Lust is gone because of broken hearts.
Living terminates as excitement fades.
Love stops when meaning is lost.
Life is arrested at the scene of the crime.
Suzanne S Mar 2018
What is the name for the feeling
Of being swept out to sea,
clinging to a jagged piece of your old self?
Migration always brings things back-
In time...
-full circle
A shadowy maw spits
Unfinished creatures squalling
to life from my chest
only to freeze and shatter in the morning sun
Burning is just like heartbreak - hurting until it doesn’t anymore -
But fish don’t cry;
They can’t,
Already choking salt water through camellia wounds gaping,
Swords rusting on a lake bed
Where they fell
Trampled through the forest of you-
Making room for rows and rows of boxes
All empty -
You needed the space to grow into something useful -
Pushing yourself out of the way,
A door cloven into a thousand dull fragments by an axe
And swept out to sea to watch the
Walls, constructed, take shape-
Fish can’t cry even when they are burning in the lake
Blowing empty bubbles at an orange sword -
Pulled to the gaping mouth and deposited at the shore,
And chains of empty spaces take their home,
A conquest from within -
What is the name of this feeling?
Of being thrown overboard by your own hand,
Clinging to the last remaining piece of your old self,
Waiting for the gaps you left
to be filled?
embrace it

Save the Earth, **** the Cheerleaders
Save the Earth, **** the Cheerleaders
Save the Earth, **** the Cheerleaders

The world

Save the Earth, **** the Cheerleaders
Save the Earth, **** the Cheerleaders
Save the Earth, **** the Cheerleaders


no yes
yes no yes

Save the Earth, **** the Cheerleaders
Save the Earth, **** the Cheerleaders
Save the Earth, **** the Cheerleaders

Kissy'n Girl


The solution to overpopulation is here; abandon morality.
Save the Earth by letting loose humanity,
if it feels good?
if it makes money?
if it makes banks money,
wall street
I was the biggest detective ever
who had lost a case never
The only wish that I ever had
Was to have a nemesis
Worth my fad

Then there was a killer
A serial killer
Who went by a pen name
He thought he was great
But for me, he was very lame

I waited for the time to come
To solve the perfect conundrum
Every piece of puzzle that I ever solved
Would help me catch the self-claimed God!

I worked my way through
Stayed awake even in my sleep
Let the devil creep
By my side
Let it glide
In my pursuit of The Real Devil
Who wanted to work against nature's will!

At last I found him in person
I would have loved to see him in prison
All my hypotheses
All my probabilities
Of identifying him as the criminal
Were heading to closure!

The day had neared
The time that shouldn't have come, he feared
The result was just here, for my self imposed penance
All was laid to rest, in a moment of si(L)ence!!!!
This poem has been written inspired by one of my favorite characters of all time - L from the Death Note Series.
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2017
It's hard.
This feeling that easily becomes cozy.
The possibility of being shown something new.
The introduction of new words, new emotions.
Soon to discover fear of loss.
This possibility that brings to life an life altering halt
Before anything major has happened.
A social construct that thrives on reciprocation.
Slouched across the couch.
Found in sudden hesitation.
Wanting to move, but not wanting to lose that comfortable feeling.
The thought of having to find that spot all over again.
It's accumulation of warmth.
Everything that went into finding the good news
Then realizing that you have no one to tell it too.
Or even worse.
Realizing that the remote is on the other side of the room.
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