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Kamva Apr 2019
Words spoken By Men
As Provoking They Are
Echo In The Sky Wide And Blue
Till They Reach The Doves Far Up
They Convey Despair Dark And Emotionelss
Now Look Carefully At The Sunset
See How The Doves Dissappear With It?
Listen To The River Too
See How It Keeps Silent At The Same Time
The Code Of Life Exists Within Every Being
And Love Stands Still With Every Travesty
Centuries Old Bell's Toll At The High Hour
Bee's Bumble Yet No Honey
Is Our Spheriod Leaning Towards Doom?
A poem that seems to question things and asks is the end near?
Kamva Mar 2019
There's a green wide eyed bird of spring that stares at me every morning
He looks at me with his protruding piercing eyes
Never blinks nor moves stationary like the sands of the Sahara
He whistles a song that echoes through my brain
A scene only valid in spring made for the eye to admire
He seems to live within the moment staring heavily
Come visit me this fine spring day as I gaze back at my friend.
A poem about the beauty a bird(woman) that brings wonder to my eyes.

— The End —