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your girl b Aug 28
It doesn't make sense to eat whack ***, white cake and celebrations and birthday parties
Don't date within the group, it almost always never works out and the all of the friendships end
Why do you go for the girl when you only want to keep her at home?
It makes 0 sense
your girl b Aug 27
I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while
I’m an adult now
I had an imaginary friend at one point
I didn’t even know she wasn’t real
Looking back I remember her being barefoot all of the time
She had a few strands of color in her hair
When we went swimming in the deep end we’d get yelled at because we didn’t have a partner
She never existed
And I didn’t have any friends at camp redwood glen
your girl b Aug 27
You are going to wake up one day and you are going to realize that literally no one cares
You will either use your energy to care about yourself even more than you already do or you will let the sad truth eat you alive and you will do nothing to achieve your goals
your girl b Aug 13
What happened to all of the hard work that needs to be done in order to achieve success?
Now days all people have to do is get undressed
In front of the flickering light
There is no longer a fight
It's an "oh-well, if I can not live with you, I'll just put my toe pics up for sell." But where do those buyers get their money??
They all have "secure" families so in the end it isn't so funny
Someone's dad, someone's husband is giving one hundred dollar bills by the dozen
Does this not frighten any of you?
The women who want to live off of a man?
At least the toe pic girl is hustling
When are you going to give a ****??
your girl b Aug 13
The leaves are slowly falling one by one
The cars are getting slower and breaking down
The children are actually behaving
The churches are no longer discriminating
The Netflix and the hulu are actually keeping people out of the streets
So if you are in the position to give your password
Do it
The food is getting healthier
The "pre-teens" are getting meaner
The windshields are cracking way more than they should
The mothers and the fathers are leaving ya'll in the hood
The elders are nosy the youngin's want games
The babies are hungry
The women want fame
The men do not make
good money anymore
And with all of this said
Coming home became a chore
your girl b Aug 13
This is definitely what I wanted
What I needed really
I think that is why I have no tears left to cry
I understand your pain
I really need all of my love for me because who the helllll is going to feed me when I am hungry
your girl b Aug 13
Do you guys prefer writing with a pen and paper or would you rather type your poems?
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