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Paul Butters Jul 2018
Things that bother me:
Here on Planet Paul
In my sunshine bubble,
With its tempering, shielding clouds.
Where do I start?

Well, let’s begin with half-empty glass people.
For them the world is but a wicked place,
Full of evil and corruption
Crime and drugs
Like Milton’s bottomless perdition.

So then they wonder why they suffer
From depression
As they whinge about every little thing
From plastic beer glasses
To the tint of my sunglasses
To everything I do
Or anybody else
Who seeks to see
That glass:
Half Full.

And then we have The Outraged
Flanked by The Offended:
The PC Brigade –
As sensitive as a swollen red foot,
Suffering from a bout of gout.
Constantly on the lookout
For the slightest smear
Against their race, gender, religion
Or ****** orientation
Or anything else about which
They have the proverbial
Chip on the shoulder.

Outraged, offended, outraged
You bigot, sexist, blah blah phobic
Piece of excrement!

Well sorry you lot,
Whichever clan you’re from
(Maybe both!)
For I refuse to go your way.
I’ll keep seeking all that’s good in this world
And try to keep that glass half full.
I assert my right to freedom of speech:
To express my opinion
And say what I think.
For “harassment” is inevitable
When there are people about
With differing views.
Not forgetting
That some are quite insane.

Each one of us is beautifully unique:
A thing to be respected
If only tolerated
But cherished,
In the name of Love.

Paul Butters

© PB 9\7\2018.
Well, that's that off my chest.
Scarlet McCall Aug 2017
Marching to the Left,
Marching to the Right,
You’re not marching for a cause;
You’re marching just for spite.
Your ***** is too small,
Your bank account is shrinking.
Throwing cans and squirting Mace
Is easier than thinking.
It’s all the fault of [insert group]
That your plans don’t work out right.
Funny how so many men
think like this--black and white.
Free speech is for the speech you like;
Others must be quiet.
And if your permit’s not approved,
You’ll cry and start a riot.
I don’t see “disagreements;”
I see entitlement and rage,
Hatred and self-righteousness,
Please someone, turn the page.
James M Vines May 2017
My way or the highway. That is the current trend. We cannot have a conversation, because your words will offend. I need my safe space and where is my therapy dog. What has become of us, where has courage gone. There used to be a will to fight, but it has gone away. We have given in to hate and let children have their way. Elders are treated with contempt and no one can agree to disagree. Nobody wants to be responsible, how can this be? We have given up our will to fight and stand for what we believe. No one will pay a price, they just give in you see. So when the next generation takes control and in time they will. Because we gave in to their intolerance, it is we who will pay the bill.
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