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Demy Molentor Feb 2017
What I do to them.
I tolerant the intolerance.
I see individuals in the crowd.
And I keep'em safe and sound.

We're supposed to be enemies.
They obey people I won't stand.
They believe with no doubt
The things disapproved
With every breath and step  I take.
But our balance is calm as a lake.

We are antonyms.
They follow sun and I adore moon
They praise landwhile I honor the wind.
And we're a duet just as lime and mint.

But now  look at us.
I help them out once I've heard a call.
And they catch me right before I fall.
Always getting stuck in one boat.
And you know, we are simply one,
We don't care that  it's just dumb.
Brent Kincaid Jan 2017
Wutsa matter wit you?
Whirr you frumm?
You from summ furren country?
Cain’t you tawk better den at?
Murruhkunz doan tawk Inglush lie cat.
We talk good Inglush. We tawk da bess Inglush.
Ain’t nobody tawk better den us.
Irregardless of whut kine uh furriner you are
You could not tawk so ignernt.
It’s a insult tah good Murrukuhns tawkin lie cat.
You should be imburrst to tawk ataway in public.
Should be ashaymt uh yerself.

Yenno, peepo c’n perject thur ignernce
’N thur lack intelluhgunce so easy.
They jess open up thur mouths
’N let the dumbness fall out
’N thur it is, fer alll to see.
Yude thank they’d realize what dumshits they are
’N not let thur mouths write checks
Thur butts cain’t cover.
But, no. They’s flappin’ thur yaps an babblin’
‘Bout nothin’ at all, ’n actin’ the pure fool
Lack thur mamas din teach them nuthin.
Well, nuthin’ good, at lease.
Me, muhseff, I thank sumbuddy
Shoulda kicked thur butts
From here ta Sundee.

But, thass jess me.
I know thurs a buncha bleedin’ heart libralls out thur
That wanna let peepo get by with crap jess ‘cause
Sumbuddy is a Niger er ‘cause they’s Messcun
Er sum kinda ******* heathen er ‘sump’n,
But I thank thass jess wrong.
Peepo gotta talk good jess to respeck the flag
’N God n’ country. Or go home.
Yeah, go on back to whatever Godless place
You ’n your race ’n yer ideas is okay.
We rilly doan need ‘em here.
We’s good, God fearing’ peepo and hard working too.
So, if that ain’t you, *** on yer camel ’n ride
Back tah whurever you cumm frumm
Till you c’n tawk good Iinglush lack decent fokes.
Those people...
Some can't be saved,
People should know their place,
No, we are not like those people,
People, well, they get what they deserve,
Some people just aren't worth the time of day,
There is just not enough for everyone on this planet!
They should be thankful, at least they're in a free country.


Done for the night guys thanks all for listening.
Devin Ortiz Nov 2016
Been feelin dead
Little pieces of light
Fade everday, I think
That I'll be dying
By my own hand
Or by another
All this hate taking aim
I painted myself the target
Speaking for the voiceless
The oppressed, who are mocked
Too sensitive, cry babies, get over it
Run some dirt in those wounds...
Ahh but to be one of us, surely you
Could never understand. With egos so
Fragile, you fall apart when privleges
You so firmly deny are threated.
I'm not long for this place, this space
This mental state, this cultural
Holocaust. I'll see my way out,
Thats a guarantee.
Francie Lynch May 2016
I accept atheism, agnosticism,
Transmigration, reincarnation,
Obliteration and nothingness.
These beliefs include all religions,
Yes, Voodoo, Satanism, Witchcraft,
Judaism, Christianity, Muslim, Hindu,
Shintoism, and Buddhism
(even Scientology).
Some sects aren't polite.
I won't mention the one that rhymes with:
Vileness, truthless, bias, noxious, menace,
Hubris, vicious, ****, prejudice, malice,
Callous, darkness, heinous, carcass or badness.
I might lose my head, or something.
But all the others,
They're based on humanitarianism,
And isn't that what it's all about?
Not them.
I still won't mention their name in a note.
Cody Haag Dec 2015
I hear your son likes boys
In a way you don't approve;
But it's how he is wired,
Through and through.

You caught your son kissing boys,
And you told him he's disgusting;
Who knew in 2015,
Homophobia would be a thing.

Your son likes boys,
That he cannot change;
So what he kisses boys,
Is that so strange?

There are a million things
Your son could be,
Don't you think,
Don't you agree?

It's up to you, break his wings
Or let him fly;
Think about what you want to accomplish
Before you die.

Do you wish to care for him,
Mold him into his best version;
Or make him your toy,
And use lies as immersion?
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