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Amy Ross Feb 9
I want all my idols to be false
All my effects the placebo kind
All my monuments temporary
My loves the fleeting type
Cause I’ve got bones of gold
And I bend easy
Impermanently made
Permanently desiring
Permanence fearing
So make all my monuments temporary
All my loves the fleeting type
I find myself loving things that won't last, to save myself from having to end them. So here's a little ode, to craving but fearing impermanence
Archie Hay Dec 2019
Sunlight bathes a bare branch, bright chestnut.
The tree’s trunk is in shadow,
The color of bronze.

On the face of a cliff
The wind blows relentlessly,
A furrow the wind’s full tally.

The sun’s light moves off,
The bare branch
Fades from all view.
neth jones Oct 2019
leisure-head of communication /
a detritus of S.O.S.
and a true wealth of emotion sickness /
fell us
by what we ‘really’ feel

an ultimate distraction
a played out interaction /
a begging
porous surface
encouraging corruption
and strategic duping

our code made bare
and fashionable /
a disposable plaque
of bereavement and humour /
the human mission splayed /
a vulnerable apparition /
a haunting with a weak attachment
and a confectionary
hiding the culture
Impermanence of all the available information and culture
Shrini Apr 2019
I need her to love me,
But I do not want to love her,
I only want her sensation, impermanent.
Oh how sick I have become!
I am convincing myself that loving her is a bad idea. I say, it is my need right now, but love is something altogether different. It is much more subtle than what can be created with her and me. It is not a good match. So I tell myself that do the right thing and leave her alone. But I still find myself uncontrollably trying to talk to her, seek her company. And I am so confused. Such a conflict.
c Jan 2019
I awoke to time beating
its fists against my walls, and
could do nothing but
sing along

KM Hanslik Mar 2018

I’d like to think that oblivion isn’t inevitable and that
salvation exists,
that we aren’t merely hurtling on a war path toward destruction
and the unknown,
I’d like to think that modern science will save us
and that tomorrow is infinite, that we will continue and thrive;
that existence is endless,
but the dark thoughts crowding the back of my head tell me
that skepticism is all I have left to hold onto, that tomorrow
I could swerve too far on the highway
unknowingly step in front of a bus –
and who will have known
who I was or what I believed?
Who will remember me?

I’ve determined that
maybe we are just flying through space alone and maybe chaos
rules the world
and maybe oblivion is inevitable and one day I’ll be gone
and it won’t matter,
so maybe the only existence I truly have is in
mornings waking up to scrape ice off the car,
maybe the only existence I’m given is
the warmth of sun seeping through my window,
sips of lukewarm coffee past 2am,
the laughter that lights up the faces of those I call friends,
and the fragility of knowing that
each moment is simultaneously powerful & insignificant.
Being human is trapped within the realm of
the impracticality and beauty of not knowing anything.

The nature of worlds is to fall into chaos,
yet out of chaos is born endless possibility,
and out of this possibility I discover
that we are living one endless moment
of shared anxiety about the inevitable,
but we are perfectly capable of living in the light of death,
our impermanence enrapturing our hearts.
How privileged are we, born to thrive and die,
thrown into this mixture of
chaos and well-crafted design
every moment meeting one another for the first (and last) time.
Anya Jul 2015
People will always leave.
It doesn't matter how they tell you
that you are the most important thing
that ever happened to them.
It doesn't matter how they treat you so special
for days, weeks, months, years, I don't know.
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter how they tell you 'I love you'
after they kiss you on your forehead.
It doesn't matter how they make you
feel warm when you were cold.
It doesn't matter how they remind you
how perfect you are after you wake up.
You will be left hanging
somewhere,sometime, somehow
by that someone.
It's just a matter of duration.
People leave no matter what.
It's a human nature.
To liars who always promise they won't leave...
Q Oct 2014
everything impermanent doesn't matter
                       everything is impermanent


— The End —