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Lilly Cerise Oct 2018
A country whose streets are paved with gold
That gold being opportunity
“If I say run, you run.”
“If I say hide, you hide.”
“If I say swim, you swim.”
The journey is a difficult one
It is a dangerous and treacherous and gut-wrenching ride
People have been lost
People will die
Just to come to America.
Land of the Free
some exclusions apply)
I wrote this for a Spanish class assignment, and I just thought I'd share it with you.
Persephone Sep 2018
Turn their fate into fear
Dabble in the arts trickery
Shout out those who shout at others
And never leave your heart with another
exist May 2018
why are the only fun things in life bad for you or illegal
bad habits
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
Buy it in pieces,
to get to Jesus.

Let it flow,
to get the snow.

Put it in rows,
to get it in the nose.

Sniff the outdated,
to get elevated.
Brent Kincaid Apr 2018
I’ve been roped and doped
Also been ***** and taped.
I’ve been slugged and drugged
I was bugged, then I shrugged.

It is all just another day’s work
For a silly streetwalking ****.
It’s life without a single perk,
Pays less than a checkout clerk.

I keep changes of tight clothes,
Show off the body, anything goes.
Use a languid suggestive pose
No one questions, everyone knows.

Stand by a light pole and grin
Someone will quickly pull in
And ask if you’ll go for a spin
In half a hour, I’m back again.

If they seem to want to pass
Turn around and show some ***
I make sure I show some sass
And am sure to be smoking grass.

Sure I get picked up by the cops
But, this old story never stops.
It’s a tale as old as these shops.
It’s bad when the temperature drops.

Rain, sleet and snow, I’m around
Staking out my piece of ground
To see what trade can be found
Hunting for the everyday hound.

So drop by and see me any day.
I’m not like the sun, I won’t go away.
I’ll be here as you drive by to say:
“Hello, baby, want some fun today?
Aaron LaLux Dec 2017
This City’s,
got so much electricity,
I don’t even have to turn the lights on,
to feel like the lights are on,

in a constant state of Neon Dawn,
in a nauseous state of Beyond Numb,
it's obnoxious how Far We've Come,
at the same time how Dumb We've Become,

being put to sleep consistently,
by the constant sound of electrical hums,

how come,
we willingly put ourselves here,
in these cities in these boxes,
locked in our own insecurities & fears,

how come,
we willingly put ourselves here,
specifically right here & now at 33 Ultimo,
an Old Soul braving The New Frontier,

how come,
we willingly put ourselves here,
specifically right here & now at 33 Ultimo,
that’s not a joke that’s the address here,

33 Ultimo,

a building,
built by tax evading Chinese,
hiding their money from their own country,
but I guess we all hide something...

∆ LaLux ∆

excerpt from The Sydney Sessions;
available worldwide for FREE here:

And available worldwide for purchase
Amanda Francis Sep 2017
Your body is more than quick cash, let your hands roam down.
Down past your scars, where words sank like barbed wire.
Past food banks and  beqtings, past rapes amd mistreatings.
Your body is not for sale, you are not alive for profit.
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