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Jude Jaden Sep 2015
I wish to be
postage stamp,
so I can travel
the world with
Jude Jaden Sep 2015
Humans were born extraordinarily to survived to accomplished extraordinary missions.
We are all born extraordinary with difference of characteristics.
Jude Jaden Sep 2015
You, I see, everywhere.

At college, far away, its you, i keep stare.
Even, you, are not aware.

I know, to you, I'm just a hologram, that made your eyes to glare.
Sometimes, you even scare.
For you, I'm just a piece of, your day and nightmare.

If only, I dare.
To declare.
That, you, I care.
Jude Jaden Sep 2015
What comes tommorow, week next, month next, or year next,
is unpredictable, but
whatever possibilities , is yet to be prepared by now.
Jude Jaden Sep 2015
The sun, smiles unceased
smiles even more, by seeing our happiness, excitement, cheerfulness
It says "good morning" every day, by
shining our day, shining every life.
Jude Jaden Sep 2015
Woke up, these morning
Saw the cloudy like, rainbow
cotton candy, so edible
Felt like, angels lies on the cloud,
whipping some colors on it,
colors like, snow white,
pale red-peach-yellow-orange,
its radiance, affected
my sight, lost my blink, by minutes,
somehow bewitching,
rarely inexplicable moments.....
I wish that very minutes eternal,
I was pacified and ease.
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