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Fairly Aggressive Hippie
20/F/New York    I really like words
ziia la hippie seamer
South Africa   
I discovered a passion for poetry a few years ago and I've wanted to share my work with the world. So here you have it. ...


Poetic T  Mar 2014
Poetic T Mar 2014
I want to be a hippie but my
mum says no, she says i smell to clean  
an short hair as a hippie just doesnt go.
I want to be a hippie but my dad
says no as the only drug i take is
asprin and son asprin is a drug a
hippie just cant smoke.
A hippie loves peace and the thought
of love, you build war machines so death
isnt for hippies and you think
love is a joke.
So my son you dont drink you
dont smoke or do any kind of drug, you
have short hair so a hippie you'll
never be so no means no.