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Olivia Henkel Jan 29
Porous holes in stone
pull me in, Ill call you home
tucked into mountains

Rooted in the grass
Electric communication
back & forth swayed waves

Sean Achilleos May 2019
To forgive the unforgivable
To carry on as if nothing's wrong
Though you have too much on your mind
And a mountain on each shoulder
To push through the storm
Because you know the calm is waiting
Like a creature of nature who hibernates during the long and cold winter months
Until the warmth of the sun is felt
The ice slowly decays
Invisibly cocoon yourself from all that is around you
And know that better is to come
Better is on its way
Pay no attention to the shadows
For that is what they are ... Mere shadows
The more you look at them ... The taller they grow
Cast luminosity and it shall terminate their existence
For the dark can not exist in the light
But the light of Love will banish all darkness
Written by Sean Achilleos 03 May 2019©
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A reminder -

It is still winter,
We are still in the thick of it,
Chains and snowshoes
are still requisite,
Imbolc and Candlemas
are still to pass,
Groundhogs hibernate,
Tarns still as glass,
The tumbling finch song
has yet to be sung,
and even the false spring,
has not yet sprung.

So lie still a while longer,
Let the chill freeze you through,
Warmer days will return
in their own time,
And so will you.
Jayantee Khare Jul 2018
neither very social
nor I'm vocal
silent screamer
a lonely dreamer
neither a mood swing
nor in a bing
don't mind
if you don't find
as I'm in my cocoon
may be back soon
but for a while
let me hibernate in my style

not a saint
just complacent
ridicule not, I'm not a clown
on a journey unknown.... my own
deep ponderer
solo wanderer
not a wayward
just traveling inward
judge me not O dear!
for you I'm there
but let me be insignificant
an abstinent.....
Just a phase....To reclude..Is my mood.....
Jayantee Khare Aug 2017
for a while.
Jayantee Khare Jun 2017
Feeling  astrayed
Freshly  betrayed
Emotions cascade
Just no word
Going absurd
Visions blurred
No remembrance
Just a present tense
Let me be in silence
To contemplate
To hibernate
To liberate
Wanna be autonomous
Wanna go unconscious
Wanna be anonymous
My mood is like this...many times...i wonder anyone on this earth feels the same...
It's the season of aching
For something that I can never quite find a name for
The hint of warmth in midst the frozen air
I still can't find it

*And that's why my heart hibernates
through the winter
Isabelle Sep 2016
Amidst the intensive review,
Poetry is to the rescue

How I miss writing!
Gawd. Still a CPA in transit, 27 days left before the actual exams.. Praying to pass the licensure exam..
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