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emily Sarker Jul 2018
Coming out of giving up is hard.
When you are give up,
The moments leading up to it are moments you slowly lose your true self .
And at the moment you give up,
Even the little parts of yourself, that was still suriving in you,
You let every part of you go in order to give up.
But in some rare cases when something saves you,
And you condsider to give life another try,
The biggest struggle becomes figuring out who you are.
Because no matter how good your situation may be now,
No matter how much you have to be thankful for,  
every part of who you were,
was forgotten.
Its not that your not happy,
Its just you don’t know how to act.
How to be normal,
And how to be you again.
Came back from giving up to find I knew nothing about who I was. The struggle to build myself up again was hard,trying to grasp every memory to figure out who I am. And through these struggles I began to write and poetry was one thing that I found was able to define who I am ❤️
AroruA May 2018
You were the Gasoline and I was the Fire

You tried to shut me down but I only burned brighter.
Cindy Long Jul 2017
I want to plunge myself into the oceans of your love.
Dive straight down; my hands cutting the edge of oblivion, it blubbles over my body as i shoot further; as i aim to go further; i push my self to go further.
And when i slow and the force feom my jump stalls out i flale my arms and legs.
I dig in your ocean; determined to reach the bottom. The dark water just gets colder and my eara pop from the pressure but i dont stop; i release air slowly from my lungs as they cramp but i dont stop; i clinch my eyes tighter and spring them open in hopes to unblur my vision but i dont stop.
I want to drown myself in this vast sea of your love and let it comsume me.
As i inch closer and closer to the bottom i can feel the life in me tug; i let it keep tugging because i know its not enough to make me stop.
I reach out with my fingers stretched so hard the knuckles are white and finally i palm the sandy floor. The grity ground is miraculous; i cannot fathom its beauty.
To have reached the core of you i no longer feel cold; i no longer feel the pressure ringing in my ears; i no longer feel the throbbing inf my lungs.
Vision tunnels and i sink into the blackness of your love. I let it in. I let it engulf me. I welcome it to. It floods into me and becomes me.
I am your love. I just had to fight to see it.
Love is the theme i guess this week
it's there a moment and gone again-
it may never come back around,
or it could be there again in a moment's notice.
i never know,
and have always been caught unaware.
such is the life of chasing dreams,
one after the next,
all with their hopes of a beautiful life,
and when you've chased and chased for so long,
you forget that you weren't born for this -
you were made not to chase the dreams,
but to catch them.
and you're not sure you know how to do that,
but you try anyway.
and you get some help along the way,
and you fail,
but you try again.
and again.
and again.
until your dreams get tired of running from you.
Jegoy Rems Jun 2015
we all ***** up once in a while.

we have ups and downs, we twist and turn,

taking one baby step forward

then turning a giant leap 100times back.

get up. get going.

re-create your storyline.

make your original script

and be your own hero.
leena May 2014
you are like a rock that is made out of metal and I'm the rain but i didn't know that you were made out of metal so i kept on falling on you, trying to make things change and i tried so hard that i ran out if water.. but i will wait for another year to rain again and i will not rain on any other rock but you.
Becky Littmann May 2014
Unappreciated, taken for granted, unwanted & thrown away
Disappointed & blindsided by lies
& unnecessary verbal abuses
Broken, badly bruised & forever scarred
Meaningless words were all you'd ever say

Have it your way, peace out with my deuces
For you, the decision wasn't even hard
But giving up on love forever, not even an option
I know my love is still wanted the feeling, once found again, is quite amazing
I'll be able to tell this time if it's real
There's no doubt at all
We'll skip right over an introduction
This is so memorable you can bet in my notebook it'll be jotted
I've finally caught what I've been chasing
& he's the one worth letting pass my built up wall

— The End —