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BlackCrow Feb 23
Don't come near me, for I may burn
You have aroused my passion, my innermost feelings
You have broken my walls, I'm defenceless
Yet, I am strengthened by your love
Your touch has filled me with a desire
My heart is lit with your fire
In you, I have found the spark of life
You have revealed all my concealed fantasies
Yet, I am at ease at your presence

Hey charmer!
Don't make me fall in love if you're gonna make me cry
Don't smile at me, if you're gonna break my heart
Don't say those words, if they aren't true

Hey Charmer!
I am soft and tender, treat me like a flower
I am loving and caring, all I ask is your love!
Please don't hurt me!
Daisy Hemlock Feb 2018
I will never lose faith in humanity
Faith is illogical
And I try my best to be logical
I never had faith in the first place
Viseract Apr 2016
I will not apologise
For what I thought was right

However, I will apologise
For any and all fright

(Boo. I'm not that scary)
aaaaaaand that's final
SassyJ Mar 2016
The corner street awaits with pride
Raise the palm and wave me hello
As the eyes melt reveal your heart

The smile is the manipulating trap
A stance you gaze magnifies my life
Stay in the zone oozing not snoozing

Disengaged in bases of sinking shells
Float on the wavy stretchy topography  
Claim my proponent inside the rigid iris

The splash of the canvas sprays attraction
Alternate the kaleidoscope fluid flashes
A slash, smashing my scepticism cynism

Untitled spiking depths and radiant flames
Erode past the sizzling chargrilled grins
It's in my eyes, my very soul sits and shines
Tommy Randell Nov 2014
For once this dreamer has some knowledge -
That some of me was made in you.
My wariness is natural -
To know a creator is a great thing,
A thing not to be taken lightly.
What kind of church shall I build for you?
What kind of worship should I devise?
A blanket over sand for an altar?
Hymns of gulls and passing breezes?
Black olives and red wine certainly.
Should we come together casually?
Or more often than not meet distantly?
Just as in a poem -
The way we first did -
The way perhaps my fates will have it so.
And what name shall I give you
Under my breath where the real words hide?
What trickling liturgies shall I devise,
Disguised in plain clothes and habits,
As if the tongue had no memory?
But know my constancy, creator, believe
This subject has some ontology.
Difficult as it is to be
Your secret sect, there is perhaps
Some future yet where bells may ring.
DSD Oct 2013
Who am I ?
Can I ever aspire to touch that shining spot,
Suspended in the entirety?

This base form is bound.
Every agent a shackle;
Every constant a fetter.

And 'this' the final frontier beyond which lies the ever unattainable.

I am but a constituent;
A byproduct.
An aberration.

And such shall never surpass the goal of ordinance.
Or seek to know more than that which is due.
For futile is this search
And that which I hope will ensue from it.

— The End —