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- rs Jul 2016
And I did not know if I was healing or falling down again.Because both felt so good.
- rs Mar 2016
If we ended up together, I will show you the verses I wrote for you and you'll be surprised at how intensely you've been getting noticed all the time
- rs Feb 2016
Writing binds the fragments of my soul
It heals me
It is an escape for me
- rs Jan 2016
I am tired
I am done
I am broke
No matter how many times I say this
Or how many times I plea
I will hear the echo of my own voice
When there's no one soothing my pain
Then why do I choose to live in their way
- rs Jan 2016
Standing in the middle of thorns
Thorns that are not visible to me
I think of them as roses
Everytime I touch them
My hands bleed
To enjoy the fragrance
I must bleed
To reach my destination
I must fall
For I have to learn how to rise again
For I have to learn how to stand straight
With my hands bleeding
- rs Jan 2016
On the endless roads that lead to nowhere,
I will find myself, I will find myself.
- rs Dec 2015
I wish I could save those staring eyes for hard times,
I wish I could save that illuminating smile for dark times.
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