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Death can bite my shiny metal...
It can fall off my thoughts like a petal
And let go of my family tree.

O' please, let my loved ones be,
And the sea of darkness set free
So that i can sleep in peace

And wake with all my pieces.
This life is but a simple lease,
time that I'd like to extend

Push away the invevitable end
That dooms us all to bend
To our knees  and weep.
O' let me never sleep
Billy Nov 2017
Have you ever seen that Avatar cartoon?
Where  people can bend elements?
They control fire, air, earth, and water.
And you know what?
I think you are one of them. Why?
Because everytime I look at you, I feel like the time stops.
I think you are secretly a timebender.
This thing corny but whatever
Lizzy Sharples Sep 2017
Broken glass
each step unclean
I could scream
Scraping, grinding
under foot I'm finding
It harder to ignore
Can't take any more
You feel it too
Stuck on our shoes
Broken glass
Nothing new
Move to the beat
Call it a treat
We dance, smile and
All the while
Under our feet
Reminder unspoken
How much we're broken
On a ****** for
A night to remember
Drink so much you forget it
Don't sweat it
Might as well have fun
Can't run
On broken glass
Silence Screamz Jan 2017
Pass me the bottle
to my youth,
because I am on another

I think it all started
when I just 16.
My parents were gone.
The liquor cabinet was full
of 750ml bottles
Yes, AL CO HOL!!

One little sip
of the amber hue
colored liquid
wouldn't hurt,
Would it?
I sure hope not.
Because I was

Down the hatch the first shot went.
Oh lord, it burned like hell
going down my throat.
My intestinal track
was screaming ****** ****** at me
to stop this insanity.
Then came the second and third and fourth shot.
And it tasted so so good.
Mmmm mmmm mmmmm

After a night spent
in a spinning room
of mystical illusions
and countless prayers
to the only porcelain God I knew,
I felt
like I needed more.

It all started on a Friday
and ended on Sunday.
The day in which prayers
to all the gods came full curcle.

Four empty bottles laid
scattered across the carpeted floor
and me laying under the coffee table,
with only my plaid boxer shorts and socks on.
My eyes would only half open
and my head was pounding
like a jack hammer and I knew why.

I sought pure enjoyment at that moment.
My first teenage ******.
I truly loved every minute of it
or I think I did. I don't remember it.
Maybe the following weekend
would be my second.
Ormond Jul 2015
Stuffed animal
Daybreaks next to wild roses
Teddy bear bleeding
Nathan Vienneau Sep 2014
Wandered to the show, a gut full of liquor.
Little did I know, I was getting sicker.

— The End —