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Movies into the late night
Two people
**** carpet underneath
Scary movies playing on the screen
Satus creates platonicy
Is that what belongs between?
Bodies move closer
Platonic still in nature
One curious of more
Is the other wondering as well?
Twenty-two days left in this month
Will change occur under this moon?
Twos of twos will live to see
Five movies in one night.
I always thought pink hair was stupid
The color never looked good on people
But then you dyed your hair
Maybe I’m bias
I am
Who am I kidding?
You pull pink off well
To bad I don’t get to see it much
I wish I could see it more
Seeing the face under that pink hair
Makes me smile
Feeling the body attached to it
Has me feeling warm and comfortable
The things that that pink head comes up with
Gets me laughing at all times
Too bad you seem disinterested
In anything that involves me
Friendship even
I thought we were going to be great friends
Then we got here
And your real colors were revealed
They don’t seem to be
As attractive as your pink hair
Hopefully these aren't your real true colors.
One year ago today
I gave something
To my best friend
But society says
He took it from me

That isn't true
It didn't matter
If he took it
Or I gave it

In that moment
I was happy
All those summer nights
Rolled together
While we became one

People say that
Alcohol taints things
Oh how they are wrong
That night was perfect

We started as friends
Came together
As so much more
Shared a bed
Yet left best friends
What I would give to go back to that night...
Orange letters
On a black screen
Speaking of danger
Hot and intense by nature
No small sparks
To light the way
Of children's to be
Favorite memories
The middle of summer
Begins to mean
Uncomfortable nights
And light shows
No more
Beautiful dancing
Or bond fires
Just the bittersweet memories
Of a different year
The joy of years past
Leaves you sitting on the hard floor
For no other reason
Than not seeing
Those stunning bits of fire
That lit up your childhood
Having them withheld
Has brought you to this
Tears running down your face
As the bombs crack around you
Recorded many years past
With the sound of others
Enjoying the sight
Your favorite part of the year
Yet you never knew how much
Such a small thing could mean
Until you're left
On the wrong side of the fence
Hand in hand
With a new one
Different than years past
Who wraps their arms around you
As the tears slide down your face
Reflecting fireworks not seen
Such a sad Fourth of July. So much has changed in a year.
  Apr 2016 Water In My Veins
Ocean Blue
Across the ocean,
Your words,
Question marks in my mind.
Your voice,
Sensual roller coaster.
Your smile,
Rainbow in my sky.
Your giggles,
Waterfall in my ears.
Your arrows,
Open wounds in my heart.
Your angel face
Haunts my sleepless night.
Your eyes,
Locked in my eyes.
Your love,
Denied but who ever knows.
Forever in me.
  Apr 2016 Water In My Veins
i like angry poetry
the kind that churns
in your gut,
with razors for teeth
and gums bleeding.
i like the violent sound
of verbs clashing
on a decaying page,
like the shot of a gun
on a quiet day.
i like the poetry that stays,
that lies in waiting
like a dog in a cage,
words that creep like
voided birds into the
wired tress of my brain,
that pay their rent
like drunken travelers
and trash the place.
i like angry poetry
the kind that sears it's
screams to my lips,
which spirit echoes and
moans for eager,
****** eyes.
words that hit like *****,
giving their reader
a killer hangover.
i like angry poetry,
the kind that leave you
with a smoky exit.
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