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Roseanna Feb 2019
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
What would i do
If i loved me too?
It's a given to have a shot at your standard poem on valentines day.
No valentines for me this year, gotta start on some more self love first.
Roseanna Feb 2019
My hands clasped together,
Sorry Words Repeated
Like scripture.
All those God ****** forgotten promises.

I always knew that you were a little broken.
But when did i
become so lost?
I can't think to how it started.
when did things become so off?

But now reflecting back on it?
Maybe, just maybe
There is something broken hidden in all of us.
Roseanna Nov 2018
The mere thought of reliance. Of getting myself addicted, kept me from buying it.

Roseanna Nov 2018
Surrounded by a warmth, a touch away from burning
I had seen the gorgon
                     He did not make me stone.
Roseanna Aug 2018
They've cut down the trees where we first met,
if that's not a sign, i'll find a better one yet.
Roseanna Aug 2018
Angels are withered,
Battered, like you.
Thrown to the dogs of society
Wings ripped anew.

Humans are punished
loved by few
Thrown to the dogs of society
Heads fixed askew.

Demons are tired
Spat out and chewed
Thrown to the dogs of society
Welcomed as crew.

Not meant to be political,
Except maybe a bit,
We are all  just people
And life is tough ****.
Trying out something new and risky! lets see the reaction.
Still a bitter poem, apparently that's my style?
I promise i'm ok,
Roseanna Aug 2018
I will not love for fear of losing,
And if a fondness should creep through,
Like ivy I’ll cut it back.

— The End —