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“table for five please!”
long ago,
life was simple.
we were happy
and everything was happy
and life was good.

but nothing is forever.
and we could not remain this way.

“table for four please!”
not that quite long ago,
we were alright
and everything was okay
and life was decent.
we were incomplete.
but still doing

we are not at our best.
and nothing seems to be working out.
and life isn’t all too great.

but it will be okay.
as i know, everyday,
we continue to yearn
for that table of five.

but for now
i guess we can make some new memories
and hopefully feel happy
once again,
with this table for three.
before anyone panics...
do not worry nobody’s dead.

i wrote this poem as a metaphor for what being the youngest child is like. im watching my other sibling leave for college this summer, like i had done three years earlier when my oldest sibling left for college as well. i know this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but college sort of stealing away my siblings has been not so great. it is not fun. at all. it’s these simple moments, when we go into a restaurant and ask for a table of five, and then laugh to ourselves because it’s only the four of us. this year i realized i will probably make this same mistake, but it will instead be a table for three.
wow i haven’t been on this site in 5ever but i’m reading my old poems and why was so emo man like i’m pretty sure my life wasn’t even this bad what.
what up it’s your m.i.a girl back it again
bc i’m feeling very overwhelmed and don’t know what to do


i need to stop panicking about the future because i saw something that said worrying about something that won’t happen is just putting you through that worrying twice and it’s not healthy

but guess what i’m still doing it anyways yeet

sorry i need help thanks for sticking around till the end and honestly at this point just message me like hey how ya doin
a whispered secret
a knowing glance
a random laugh
a hidden joke

i know i wasn’t there
but i swear it wasn’t my fault
so please stop making me feel
so freaking left out.

i’d rather be with you
and i know it doesn’t seem like much
a shaky streaks
a liked photo
a viral tweet
a funny video
thanks for giving me a reason
to give in to all this fomo.
i have a very bad pet peeve of feeling extremely left out and helpless in the smallest of situations and it makes me feel so terrible inside for feeling this way and why i shouldn’t even care in the first place but i can’t help it. here’s a very ****** poem to try to express how i feel
love it when the universe keeps destroying my will to live

also not really a poem #2 has officially been proven wrong

10/10 recommend that feeling of not being at your 100% so your friends get bored of you and leave you

- a.g.
this is more of a salty rant that i will regret posting
i’m actually kind of okay right now and i hope this feeling lasts.

- a.g.
doing alright
andromeda green Dec 2018
i need a reason to believe my
haven't given up on me.
i need a reason to understand why i am so unlikable
i need a reason to know why i'm always the last pick
with better
people always climbing over me.
i need a reason to understand where my qualifications for being considered "worth it"
went wrong.
i need a reason for the endless feelings of loneliness and isolation.
i need some solid substantial evidence that can help explain why the second i start trusting someone
they seem to forget about me.

is this paranoia?
is this a normal situation my mind is altering?

is this reality?
is this the way it has to be?
with being last and being left out and simply not being enough to be
if this is the way it is going to be,
please just give me a reason why.

- a.g.
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