i’m actually kind of okay right now and i hope this feeling lasts.

- a.g.
doing alright
andromeda green Dec 2018
i need a reason to believe my
haven't given up on me.
i need a reason to understand why i am so unlikable
i need a reason to know why i'm always the last pick
with better
people always climbing over me.
i need a reason to understand where my qualifications for being considered "worth it"
went wrong.
i need a reason for the endless feelings of loneliness and isolation.
i need some solid substantial evidence that can help explain why the second i start trusting someone
they seem to forget about me.

is this paranoia?
is this a normal situation my mind is altering?

is this reality?
is this the way it has to be?
with being last and being left out and simply not being enough to be
if this is the way it is going to be,
please just give me a reason why.

- a.g.
  Dec 2018 andromeda green
"Guns for Hands is talking about- I want to tell you that I know
you have the ability to hurt yourself, you do, you have that ability.
I feel like a lot of the older generation when they hear about someone
struggling with it their first reaction is “No you’re not, you’re not struggling
with that- think about something else. You’re just trying to get attention”. But this song
was really trying to say “Listen I know that you have the ability to hurt yourself,
I recognize that, but let’s take that energy and let’s point it at something else,
let’s divert that, lets kinda shift momentum and look at something like art
or something like this music specifically, or even point it at me, you
know- just point it anywhere. Just don’t point it at yourself."
I didn't write this. Tyler Joseph said this about his song Guns For Hands. I just thought it was important.
andromeda green Nov 2018
i love you so much it hurts when you don't love me back.

i've fallen for you.

and i thought i'd never find love.

- a.g.
andromeda green Nov 2018
contigo, quiero tus amor.
no sé
si conmigo,
tú quieres mi amor.

contigo, todo es posible.
y todo es contento.
y todo es perfecto.
eres perfecto.

soy entera

- a.g.
un poco carta para mi amor.
andromeda green Nov 2018
i've been feeling too many feelings lately and most of the time when that happens i end up writing something but i can't think of anything that could possible convey the chaos i'm feeling right now.

- a.g.
  Nov 2018 andromeda green
I'm sad,
but I feel like I'm not sad enough.

I hate food,
but not enough to stop eating.

I hurt myself,
but not enough for people to notice.

I want to die,
but not enough to seek it.

I want happiness
but i'm too scared to lose my identity.

I'm mad,
but not enough to seek revenge.

I'm a kid,
but not enough to live my life.
I'm venting, you can ignore this
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