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Marta Jul 19
A fox just crossed our path
In the late dark drive
Forest roads invite
When sun doesn't shine
The smell of pinewood spreading through the night
The most I've been in love
Since the 1975
Marta Jul 19
The most calming sound is ice in a glass full
Marta Jul 16
All I see while looking out the window are rooftops
Well, trees and rooftops
There's chimneys but no smoke
Not the season
The clouds are particularly white today
So many of them too
But still there's sky
Light blue sky
And though there's no sun visible it still burns my eyes from looking out the window
And there's a ******* peanut stuck in my tooth
Marta Jun 9
He showed up out of nowhere
And everybody fell in love
He felt like a long warm hug
The one you give while parting ways
No one could stop themselves from touching him
Even a slight passing brush of a hand
The smallest of touches
Not a girl nor a boy could stop themselves from smiling at his sight
Every breath he took made them giggle
And all sat down on one bedside
Laying one against another
Living in this presence
Getting along yet feeling a sting of jealousy whenever one got more attention
The greediest impulsively grabbing onto his skin
It was like a feeling of love and lust they never felt
And as it came to an end they felt the purest of joy
Forgotten all about the feelings the second he parted his ways
Like a long lost memory of first love
Marta May 22
The smell of sun on skin and clothes
Fresh breeze of the sea and the saltiness of sea water
Wine and ice cream
Long and hot days
Beautiful starry nights and crickets
Droplets of warm rain and powerful storms
The smell of nature just coming to life

That is what I love most
Marta Apr 15
Cloak round her pretty dress
The hair in such a mess
Published in the press

The princess is in danger
She trusted the older stranger
The kingdom sent messenger
They're looking for avenger

A beauty walks the streets
Doesn't suspect a thing
When out jumps wrapped in sheets
A ghost of evergreen

And I'm walking that line
And I will be just fine
I don't need to be saved
For I am not enslaved
Anything you can do, I can do also.
Hell, if I put my mind to it I can do anything I want.
You don't need strength, you need to believe you can do it.
Marta Apr 12
it was about a year ago
that i first saw your face
the talk was small
i had to go and you asked if we could stay
it was about a year ago
that we talked and laughed and cried
it was about a year ago
that you never said goodbye
so i beg of you to let me go
for my heart cannot do
it was about a year ago
that i felt what it means to lose
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