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The lord of Pain mumbles my
name in a scroll of the ******.
****** are those that hurt everyday
under the constant, overbearing, or old
torment of Pain.

I hold on to my sanity,
for it is all I've ever built.
Don't bother with charity,
for I am destined to wilt.
They come and go you know.
-I have been reading some Dante.
and the traffic in your life is terrible,
drive forth.

When the sleepless nights come,
and whiskey cannot inebriate the feels,
nor Tom Waits lull you home,
and your mind goes dark and deep.

When you find yourself feeling sad
and can't locate the epicenter of life,
when all is gone,
take a minute,
2 minutes,
6+(n-1) minutes when n > 10,
and vent your feelings.

Let the real you out to play
and find meaning in the insomnia.
I too got lost in a maze -
drive forth - not sure where I'm headed
but I can see the sunrise.
For a friend. Or anyone who needs some time to think
I can't find my heartbeat.
My Fitbit flatlines,
and my senses overheat.
They tell me I'm bad at communication
and that i should voice my thoughts more often.

if i said everything that went through my mind
i would not have friends.
so i sit back and smile
while the evil side of me plans havoc.
When the tundra calls your name
at night's peak,
and you shiver and freeze,
know that the cold keeps loneliness company.

After having known a touch from love,
my skin craves for contact without her.
I told her I was an amateur
and that I don't mess with love.
She went all in on a pair of fours,
but I left and folded.
"is this what single people feel like at night?
Espresso manic Oct 2018
They always said the sky is the limit,
But they never said how to get there.

When the twists of life tried to keep me down,
i ran away.
When they came back for me,
i took my bags and ran.
The bags slowed me down and yet, i couldn’t leave them behind.

During my escape i planned my journey and met more travelers.
Their bags seemed as heavy as mine, but our grips were adamant to the load.
Eventually i dared to fly.
Flying was easy. My bags, lighter in the air, made me soar higher.

Did i dare fly too high? Did i forget about the bags?
Oh mama, no one told me to be careful of flying too high.
Now i’m back to running,
running for one more breath of pure air.
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