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I left my whole life behind
To be your companion
Your words are often hurtful & unkind
I’m slowly slipping into a bottomless canyon

My life is not my own
Since you make all the decisions
This marriage makes me feel so alone
I’m drowning under the weight of these impositions

Walk a mile in my shoes
Maybe then you’ll understand the gravity of my situation
7 billion people but it’s you I choose
And yet there’s not the slightest bit of reciprocation

I long for you to embrace & liberate my thoughts, my wants
Or to a certain degree engage in discussion
But the ambiguity of your response
Holds me back from communication
Look beyond the corsets & curves
Your gruesome remarks are not all she deserves

Look beyond that fragile hourglass figure
She comes with an unrestrained heart
You sexualise her flesh, when she is a masterpiece sculpted into art

Look beyond her curves & stretch marks
Her braille like blemishes & golden curls
Her stained skin, bumps & pores
Are all earned as battle marks

Look beyond her beige skin & burgundy wine stained lips
There’s more to admire than just her magnificent hip dips

Redefine the standards of modesty
She owns her every flaw
Rise above your prejudice & biased atrocity
Or you’ll be left aside like a torn out piece from an unfinished jigsaw
Why would I settle for crumbs
When I deserve the whole bakery
So I’ll allow this to weight down my lungs
To free myself off this slavery

It’s a privilege to be with me
In all honesty I’m a luxury
I don’t know how it is I miss
These lips I’ve never known
The mouth I yearn to kiss
And arms that caress my flesh & bone

The time is at a stand still
My heart is next in line
And so I ask this against my will
What must I do to make you mine
We are no damsels in distress,
Don’t you try to turn us into your mistress.
Here’s a brief outline,
Without your last name we will get by just fine.

The season of chauvinism ends here,
We will no longer live in fear.
So speak as you may, in your bitter twisted  lies.
Just like the phoenix, from our ashes we’ll rise.
Your wine stained lips
and their entrancing tales
Take me by surprise
Like two lovelorn drifters
On estranged shores
Consumed in each other’s eyes
pragya santani Nov 2021
Our love was like the fireworks
We went up in flames
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