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Free flowing thoughts
Moonlit sky
Dinner by the beach
Hands reaching
Far across my thighs
Long summer evenings
That turn to dawn
Empty wine bottles
A seat in a lawn
We sat there in silence
Side by side
Hand in hand
Watching the Crimson sunrise
With coffee afterthoughts
A slight hesitation
Before our lips lock
pragya santani Aug 2020
I want to scale your every inch
From head to toe, mouth to chin
Your arms against my heart as they clinch
Sending shivers down under your skin

To grasp your neck & take you whole
Ravish your senses as you endlessly moan
As I explore your body & take my leisurely stroll
I take you down an alley alone

Raw passions threaten to explode
An insatiable feast
You scream out our safe code
Piercing warmth  
As our bodies sin
You finish, before I even begin.
pragya santani Jul 2020
There are things we spend years forgetting,
But with just a tiny wave of hope all that forgetting is washed ashore.
pragya santani Jun 2020
We talk in emojis
21st century style you know
Our conversation wraps
A few moments past dawn

He reports every second on the gram
Almost as if that’s his beau
Before exchanging good morning texts
He says Insta Fam hello  

And when we do get intimate
It just doesn’t feel right  
He goes on to publish
She’s my Aphrodite

Oh I want to be teleported
To the age of billet doux
Just two love birds
On a hilltop with a great view

So on a fine Monday morning
I told him what I really want
He said it much like a warning
That the Stone Age is long gone.
pragya santani Jun 2020
Two men
Strung to the poles
Bedazzled in love

A girl
At the apex
Stringing them along

A classic triangle
Hopeless romance of sorts.

They meet on the decision day
Under the cherry blossoms
The girl having made her mind


“No thanks I like my triangles with crust, marinara, and mozzarella spread.”
pragya santani May 2020
She came from a small suburban town,
Her conservative parents shaped her background.
Her dreams were withered down to a trickle,
She had to be married off as per the societal shackles.

One fine day when her age was “right”,
Her parents shipped her off with man they considered a knight.
It was the beginning of a lifelong nightmare,
Every night a pair of patriarchal cuffs she was made to wear.

And thus with each passing night,
She was subjected to his vicious smite.
Her cries for help were paused
As marital **** was never stated in laws.

I welcome you behind these closed doors.
I have no other skeletons buried in my wardrobe.
pragya santani May 2020
My eyes meet the day
at half past noon,
My morning tea is replaced
by a spiked blue lagoon.
By evening I’m drowning
In a glass of Chardonnay,
While reasoning with my heart
to meet my brain halfway.
As the clock strikes quarter past seven,
The mixologist in me whips up a brandy Manhattan.
I welcome the dawn
With a tequila sunrise,
And sleep off the hangover in multiple cries.
But that’s before I met myself,
And witnessed the most potent form of love.
So I let the bottles burn to ash,
And indulged in a whole lot of self love.
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