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Sha Aug 2020
You say we could laugh and be merry tomorrow.
How funny and stupid at the same time.
The world laughed yesterday and cried today,
We cried today so maybe we can laugh next.
written on April's fools
Sha Aug 2018
Do not let joy be abducted from you. You are made to carpet the earth in spring
And bloom flowers to beautify the parched land.
Do not stay in the darkness.
Rise with gentleness and softness still embedded in you.
Light the world and remind everyone that you cannot be destroyed.
Make them dance like sunflowers swaying for the sun.
Sha Jul 2018
I hope you'd have a million dollar smile,
A crow's feet by your eyes,
And someone who'd photograph those laugh lines.
Put it in a special box.
And may you stumble upon it at the right time when joy is elusive.
May you be reminded
Everything shall pass.
So the tears that are falling right now will dry up and there will be unending joy coming soon.
Inspired by Rudy Francisco's poem.
Also part 1 of the Passive-Aggressive poems.
Sha Jul 2018
I forgave you in my prayers, in my heart.
To make room for the essentials.
I kept faith.
Gave up unnecessarry baggage.
I kept love.
Let go of unlabeled emotions.
I kept forgiveness.
Finally, I forgave you.
Sha Jun 2018
Silence and space. We have now mastered the trick. And we are living it. No cues. No dramatic transitions or face-slapping moment.
Dead air is not even awkward.
The parlor games are busted.
It just happened one Tuesday morning inside Starbucks after you ordered your iced Americano and my vanilla frappuccino, no whipped cream,

Maybe there's a sequel to this story, but for now, we should roll the credits.
Sha Jun 2018
Do not let love be missing from you.
Embrace him in all his glory and light,
Walk together.
Spend eternity in love's kingdom forever.
Sha Jun 2018
This heart is deceitful above all things.
It is high on feelings on a Saturday morning.
Who can understand its battles, its dancing, its bending?
Mold me and remove this fickleness.
Help me go back to your will.
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