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Vexren4000 Nov 2018
"We are routed, Fall back!"
A call of many battles,
Battles and war, always so frowned upon.
Yet where else has humanity done the most?
It seems humans can not have peace for long,
Without some war happening,
We are living in the age,
Of cold wars, and Cyber battles.
The age of battles fought with half-hearted ideas,
Buzzwords and insults.

Brent Kincaid Nov 2016
Irregardless, years ago
I had double pneumonia,
But, like, you know,
It is what it is, and like
I dunno, kinda like
It takes what it takes
Know what I mean?
It’s prolly a mute point
But I turned three sixty.
You know? I mean
I’m kinda like, I dunno.

It is what it is, like
I mean, whatever.
It’s all good, isn’t it?
You get what you need
And it ain’t no thing.
I mean, go big or go home.
Try to stay in the zone,
You know. I dunno.
No biggie, though.
Keep a cool tool
And don’t be a big fool.
Know what I mean?

It’s like I was saying
Don’t give up praying
Because God does not
Create garbage, you know.
He didn’t bring you
This far to dump you.
I dunno. I’m in for
The whole game.
It’s all the same.
You know, way to go.
Give it a chance.
Get up and dance.

Know what I’m saying?
I ain’t playing with you.
It like, you know,
I’m so sure, dontcha know?
Way to go. I don’t know.
It’s like, I’m so sure.
Whatevs, whatevs!
It’s so dope, sick, cool.
There must be
Some kinda rule.
I dunno, it’s like, you know,
It’s the way to go.
Give is your best shot.
It’s the bomb, the ****,
It’s totally hot.
Maybe I am hot too,
But you know, I dunno.
Mandi Drake Jul 2016
I remember
& Phrases
So I can
Pretend to be
Informed on subjects
I could give a **** about
But people
I'm trying to impress
Or please
Totally think that
I'm abreast of things.
But I'm not.
I just don't care. Seriously.
I don't give a ****.
But I dont.
Sports are dumb.
Football, golf, baseball, basketball...
Don't even get me started on
Anything you care about.
Odds are I honestly
Care less
About it
Or anything
For that matter.
Evan Robbins Aug 2015
A question I have to ask
Have I always smiled like this?
I have never felt so comfortable
Just happy to exist
Now you tell me there's a reason
A reason for your frown
Well darling I'd pick up everything
And just get the **** out of town
Let's just run away
Start brand new
**** all these Assholees
Baby it's just me and you

But you don't even know me
At least not just yet
Smiling with you
Was the least of my regrets
You claim to see my face
But I couldn't place that bet
I've lost so many friendships
Just trying to be true

Seen so many folks coming in and out of my life
But the second I met you was the second I started to fight
For better things
For happier days
For smiling for myself
For being awake

Can't take this feeling
I am so overwhelmed
Chasing my mind
Trying to keep hold of myself

— The End —