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Expanse underneath.
Great precipice awaiting.
Who will stop my fall?
Tran Thuy Anh Mar 2020
this aching

     strikes so abruptly
     trapping me inside
     a cavernous cold

     nurtures so tenderly
     i forget i exist
     apart        from you

you tremble
with lust
and loneliness
as i fumble
for your hand
and wonder
how much longer
before i fade away
before you erase me
watching you bend
              the time
      and space
between us
but not to bring us



my vision blurs
staring at the expanse
                                               from the edge of it
and yet, i remain
where you place me
but grounded
like a tree in autumn
in case there comes
a season
when you might want
to rest
in my shade
Owen Cafe Jan 2020
Neon ******* and spiraling chests.
Smokey vision of reflected collisions.

A sauna of bodies,
minds, and seductive jests.

Sinking to the sky,
opening my minds eye.

I've never not always,
forever seen,
absently been,
in the now that is here.

A glow from above can only show,
we are the clouds and the mist of the moon,
swaying in trance to that which we hardly know.
"Man, last night got weird"
Joshua Dougan Sep 2019
fine tuned frequencies lay at my palm
expanding mind eager to strain the song.
Notes undulating unearthing a setting tone.
expanse fraying its end to trembling hone.
Assembling home, to carefully move away.
ascending the dome we fully soothe;sway.
Playing with the darkness on doomsday.
the globe centers its interest to true phrase.
Amanda Kay Burke May 2019
Do you understand the immense love I have for you?
I must fight my feelings each day
Oh how I'd share your suffering if I could
Take it from you if there was a way

I just do not know if you get it
Wish I could explain better
Finding it hard to capture the expanse of my emotions
With punctuation marks and letters

I cannot love you a little
Don't hold the ability to shrink my heart
More desire fills beds each passing night
Increasing with the number of miles apart
It hurts when you have someone in your heart but cant have them in your arms
Joseph S Pete Oct 2017
Holy hell,
this show is insane,
riveting, complexed, nuanced,
compelling, captivating, addictive,
he proclaimed
on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook,
wondering where the days went,
wondering what unforeseen abyss swallowed him whole.
Vexren4000 Jan 2017
Time, what we have none of.
Time which we have set up,
Increments that run by,
Only to show me my demise.
They fly fly, like birds in migration.
To the flock of fools,
Then the time leaves behind a knock,
An echo that flows to the start of our universe.

CMD Jun 2016
i forgive the moon
for she does not know
the vastness of the ocean

— The End —