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The pesto, the curry, the sugary tomato sauce,
the goat cheese-stuffed ravioli all expired someday.
No matter how rare, the food never had an inspiration date
Joseph S Pete Mar 29
The winter of our discontent
The spring of our discontent
The summer of our discontent
The fall of our discontent

We better move to Phoenix
or Miami or maybe the Bay Area
if we can afford it. So fatigued, so weary,
so tired of the endless changing of the seasons
Joseph S Pete Dec 2020
The greats flame out in the fire of their own passions.
They burn like scintillating firecrackers against the dark.

From a distance, you feel lucky to witness such incandescence.
But the brightest brilliance burns through the feedstock of dry rot.

That Jello plate was pain, that half-bitten sandwich pain,
that drunken urinating a barely concealed cri de cœur.
Joseph S Pete Nov 2020
Yngwie Malmsteen shredded on six strings,
set a new standard that was baroque beyond imagining.

The virtuoso rocker was a guitarist's guitarist,
a neoclassical metalhead strumming a Stratocaster like no other.

He impressed those in the know with his technical expertise.
He never struck a chord with a mainstream audience.
Joseph S Pete Nov 2020
We cure the meat with coarse rock salt, malt vinegar,
coriander, black pepper, garlic, paprika, and time.

We cure the meat until it’s a dried-out husk of rawhide,
until it’s inured against the winter, the rough journey ahead.

We can’t inure ourselves so easily, brine ourselves
against the bacteria and contaminants, and harshness of life.
Joseph S Pete Aug 2020
I wandered out of that rock club,
ears ringing with tintinnabulation,
gnarled and deadened ears unable to hear
as I stumbled around the empty courthouse square
searching for my parked car.

That indie band was loud,
loud as hell, loud to the point
where I was deprived of one my vital senses,
at least temporarily,
but I never had a better time.
Joseph S Pete Jul 2020
The fourth, the fifth, the sixth hour, the seventh hour
the fireworks erupted on,
and on and on and on,
like an artillery barrage that was being walked in
on an elusive target it would never strike,
one began to wonder if one would ever be free
of the lingering smog of smoke and the sonic assault on the senses.
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