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Owen Cafe Nov 2019
4 years. We did it.

4 years. I did it.

13 years. I am not what they said I was.
The result of self transformation.
Owen Cafe Sep 2019
When I was young, I could fly.
From thought to wish to dream to the sky.
When I was becoming, I could think.
I thought I'd thought that they were thinking,
that I was simply thoughtless.
When I was discovering, I could feel.
I could feel the feelings of earth of mind of soul,
those feelings connected though fingertips and goosebumps.
When I fell, I couldn't see.
I could not see that they could see that I was blind,
the view is up when you are down.
When I was climbing, I grew strong.
Could see the bumps in the road, the connections,
the grips, the traps, the full scale of the map.

Then I saw it. Not far now.
Just another corner, my branches are full of colour and life.
I can see the flowers ready to bloom.

Spring is coming, and I am too.
Reflective appreciation of realizing the future.
Owen Cafe Sep 2019
How do you know.
How should I know.
How do they know,
and they do know.

Forward or back.
Leap or linger,
Gift or a curse.

Fear of falling.
Questions of the over analyser.
Owen Cafe Aug 2019
Anger is not passion.

Passion can make you angry.
Anger can breed passion.
But do not confuse the rose from its thorns.
Do not let the horns of self gratification
confuse you for value.

Passion is as pure as a first kiss,
as powerful as an earthquake radiating from the soul.
Anger is as naive as a bullet in a gun and as weak as..
"I didnt mean to"

Do not mistake anger for passion.
Anger is not passion.
You are not anger.

You are passion.
Thoughts on social activism and arguing for the right things the wrong way.
Owen Cafe Aug 2019
Its odd.
That bit where it looks like lonely
But really its just human.

That bit where "Oh you just need a girl"
But really its just a yearning to be naked.
Naked like prolonged eye contact.
Naked like not talking just being.
Naked like learning who you are.
Naked like breathing on top of
a mountain of social expectation.

Its odd.
They don't tell you about this bit.
Being Human.
Only being their human.
Thoughts on the societal expectory trajectory.
Grass roots and bare feet.
Owen Cafe Jul 2019
Meaningful connection.

5 seconds for thought.

Don't rush.

5 seconds for thought.


5 seconds for thought.

Speak. Express. Connect from the soul.

5 seconds for thought.

We are more than words.
Overwhelmed by the colloquial nuance of society.
Speak from your core.
Passion is the foundation of human existence.
Owen Cafe Jul 2019
It is a second in time.

It is a blink.

It is a kiss.

It is the raised hairs on the back of my neck.

It is the water droplet hanging from the awning, bearing all the joy and grandeur of the morning sun.

It is that time I made you laugh till we both cried and grasped at our stomach.

It is the eternity I spend swimming in the resplendence of your eyes.

It is that smooth bit just next to your belly button.

It is that little scar on your chin.

It is this poem.

It is tomorrow.

It is last year.

It is you.

It is me.

It is us.
Contemplation of memory, time, and experience.
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