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sofia Jul 2020
i write poetry because i
want to live forever
to me, poetry is a wall
that’s made so strong and fierce,
that it can’t be broken, humans it mocks.
it flows into minds like rushing streams,
and sings like silvery mermaids on rocks.
each one crafted by a warm heart,
and a mind working to make art that’s alive,
each syllable and letter’s twist is planned,
to create a poem that will survive
sofia Jul 2020
longing for normalcy
knowing i’ll never get
a freshman experience
the world seems as if
it’s dead
leaving me lonely

- sofia
this is from the perspective of a 8th grader going into highschool during the covid 19 pandemic.
sofia Jul 2020
a polaroid camera
capturing smiling faces
into frozen figures

waves of the sea
deep, dark
crashing on the shoreline

wearing pain
like a cloak

the sky
calling to the unwelcome

foreign rivers
surrounded by canopies
of mass jungles


away from reality
hiding, lost

a fatal flaw
in your own story
the inspo for this was all things blue. polaroid cameras, waves, sad thoughts, the sky, rivers, e.t.c
sofia Jul 2020
i am home.
here in the water
nothing else exists
just me and a fish
or two
i open my eyes
to see nothing
but darkness
somehow, it remains light
in my heart
because nothing is
touching me
except for
the cool
pressure all around
my body
the water holding me close
a tight hug
until i resurface
sofia Jul 2020
as i take a step
off the splintered dock
into the crisp
i feel
i'm meant to be
swimming with the fish
sofia Jul 2020
my heart is a poem
waiting to be written
waiting for someone to believe
this is an excerpt of a poem that was chosen for the 2017 California poets in the schools anthology!
sofia Jul 2020
his eyes could rip through steel
so why when i catch
his with mine
do they soften?
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