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an0nym0us  Feb 2018
an0nym0us Feb 2018
An angel, fair and pure
Who's heart is fragile and unsecured
Stolen and hurt with no cure
Wounded with hidden clue.

Great pain and sorrow
But tears doesn't follow
Nothing is inside her, a hollow
Now her past follows.

All because of a man
Who she loved and obeyed every command
Gifted him happiness that lasts
Left her with her heart in his hand.

How rude, how unfair
But I give you a dare
Give her eyes a good stare
Then tell me if you ever care...

You can say "how ungrateful he can be?!"
But I tell you, how blind can you be??
If you can't see,
Till this time you read me.
Matt Jursin Nov 2009
Howbout emptyness.
Howbout sorrow.
Howbout not 'living' to see tomorrow.
Howbout it?

A round of applause for a lost cause.
For All that **** stuck under my shoe!
All the **** I stumble thru!
All the 'its' pronounced post 'Shhh'!

Those are the screams of my inner being.
Clawing it's way out from the depths of hell.
I know. You cant tell.
It's better that noone really knows me.

It's a lot easier.
Trust me.
Lee  Mar 13
Lee Mar 13
Lost amidst the empty seas.
Spanning the far corners of the human mind.

The drifting pieces of memories passing by. Drifting to the end while the memories float less frequent. Before being swallowed by the waves of time.

The occasion for the embers of passion and pride surround them.
Warming the battered beings before time swallows them too.

The time that holds them afloat washes them ashore.

The emptyness spreads to every corner without an end in sight.

They stare into their depths and ask the being in the sky... Is this enough to grant me peace?
DivineDao  May 2016
DivineDao May 2016
On the other side
Of our beloved old
City I can see you within
My kind mind's eye thinking
You could not pick up the
Phone for the first time
Today, cause you were
Absorbed in observing
One single beautiful dandelion's
***** beacon. Light as a feather
Bulb. Puffy and dreaming about
You! Of your abundant words
Spreading across the land
Enchanting some of your readers
To the point of no return.
Adoring. Yearning. To hear you.
never knowing
If her soil is fertile enough to
Gave her a chance to grow
Fond of you. You, respected
Master of meanings, books
And Tao. Yet totally unaware of her
voice. Her warm skin. Her heart.
Her intimacy.

Do You favour him?
He is first! Artist. Thinker.
I work. And i should play.
Thank you for saying
He should thank me.
And while you were conversing
with him,
She was wandering
Wandering if you'll hear
Her. The melody of her words.
Her poetry. Her soul.

Not today, nor ever!
The emptyness inside
It grows stronger and I should should
Tell you he never wanted me
To meet you
Even the slightest touch
Of our two souls madly in
Love with languages
Would haunt his
UnTrustful Ego.
Villam  Sep 2018
Villam Sep 2018
You keep distance,
then one day you realise
that the distance becomes constant

The hardest thing is
when you feel nothing anymore
When it is hard to cry as all your tears have been used up for another time

You have been losing a part of your soul with every drop of them

The only thing that you are able to feel is emptyness

It does not hurt
It does not make you happy

You want to shout but you can't
You lost your voice

All you have is only you
and a trust in yourself.
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