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stillhuman Dec 2020
With ease
my skin feels yours
and scars meet soft kisses
of red lips bruised
by whispered words
of love so strong
it bruised our hearts too.

Even time stills
to allow our hands to connect
and lock a promise
I'd repeat forever again.

The moon watches over us
in this fragile moment
filled with nothing but
our vulnerability.

A present
An offering
To you, my love

As we melt
in this everlasting fraction
of Time that's only ours.

Your eyes shining with
more than my troubled
awkard simple words
could ever dare to explain.

Ineffable is your elegance when
your velvet touch
makes me shiver.
Gives me peace.

A warmth you gift to me
with such strenght from
snapping all the ties
keeping you in a dark dungeon
full of voices, neither yours nor mine.

But it's fine my love,
We can bring down
all your walls
with nothing more
than our passion.
For you i would have changed my walls into stepping stones.
George Krokos Jun 2019
I know what is killing the reef*
the bureaucrats are just lying
they know why it's coming to grief
and, before its time's up, dying.

When you consider just how much
is being made through tourist trade
those ill effects of human touch
you'll understand what evil's made.

Sure, there are other things as well
it would be foolish to deny
and of ignorance not to tell
but the main one is a fare's pry.

The reef's a large ecosystem
that's been here for millions of years
many creatures from it do stem
human pollution gives no cheers.

The wonders by sight that it gives
won't allow a stone left unturned
causing harm to it as it lives;
another problem by man churned.

Nature's real gauge of climate change
has now been rising steadily
making the weather appear strange
and the reef languishing to be.

It will be required for a while
to leave it alone and help it
recover from the human guile
that's only destroying to wit.

If we don't recognise this truth
or cause of the problem at hand
it would only deny our youth
of them ever seeing it grand.

Too much of a good thing can be
turned into something bad for all
if those involved but fail to see
the damage caused and so forestall.

Just think of what life would be like
if we could now do something to
prevent such a disastrous hike
but failed to act or carry through.
To reverse the trend, where possible, of an adverse condition or situation
we must take certain specific opposite measures with due consideration.
S.O.#128 © 2019 George Krokos
*Note: Reef = The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of north east Australia is one of the great  natural wonders of the world.
Written in late May 2019.

— The End —