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Jan 2016
His white sun fire eyes burn deep into my soul and aura.  He already knows that I am here to stop him.  But yet he still welcomes me to his darkness eating light.  

I then try and reason with him.  "  I cannot let you advance. I will allow you to keep this quadrant of the universe.  You will be a grand galaxy size star that will shine eternal.  Many will look to you with hope and wishes beyond measure.  You could shine forever here. Bring hope to many who have none.  I know your intentions are good. But they will end all life as we know it.  It will put an end to all the colors ever known.  There will be nothing left to define what you have done except the very nothing you will become. The light then will forever be known as nothing at all.  I beg you. Take this offer.  Shine eternal. "

His eyes then seem to shine brighter. He then spoke to me with a whimsical voice.   "  The darkness has taken more from me than you can ever comprehend Stardiver. A being much like me made out of darkness took my universe away. It took all light away. I was able to find this universe in my last desperation of life.  Don't you see! If I absorb all the darkness here I can finally destroy him.  There is enough light here yet to do so.   Join me Stardiver.  Please help me get revenge for my universe drowned in darkness. "
An offer to shine forever.
Written by
Solaces  South Texas
(South Texas)   
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