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midnight 20h
you're living your life to the fullest,
while we're here, worrying

you're missing -
not in the way that we'd ask for help from the authorities,
you're missing -
in a way that memories of you start to get erased from our minds

you're missing
and we don't even know if you're trying to find your way back
midnight Oct 7
what I really love about writing,
is the fact that I can be who I want to be—
but, sometimes,
in the process of forming a character,
I lose myself
midnight Oct 6
I created a world —
for my loved ones to enjoy
but then —
they started to leave,
then my world became flooded with questions —
was it really enough at some point
or maybe —
someone else's world was far better than mine
midnight Sep 27
I want to be your haven -
come close, never hesitate,
you're safe with me,
I'll keep you warm -
Amid this storm
midnight Sep 23
last night —
we decided to climb a mountain,
we had a good start, but,
the moment we felt like giving up,
we decided to stop —
unpacked our bags,
and when everything felt lighter,
we continued the hike
midnight Sep 23
keep your eyes closed,
take a deep breath -
hold my hands
we will cross this tightrope together
you just need to trust me -
and we will be alright
midnight Aug 28
In an alternate universe,
I am Circe - the most dangerous witch,
constantly pushing anyone who dares to come close -
by turning them into beasts, that would later haunt my life -
a life filled with emptiness and darkness
I am the most dangerous witch,
but you are Odysseus,
the only one who could resist my enchantments,
the only one who stood there unchanged, despite my flaws
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