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Lauren Giuliani Aug 2018
Sleep is sweet and soft, however
hard at the same time.
Most of the time, it's harder than it is soft.

There's a descent through heavy, thick layers of fog and
sometimes you get stuck in between, where
vibrations run through you, holding you captive.

It's a delightfully interesting sensation, but it's not sleep.
Sometimes I run there on my own accord,
for my curiosity has been stricken.
Ron Gavalik Jul 2018
As a writer and poet who absorbs the world and then bleeds out truth, I'm finding it harder and harder to break through the political propaganda that television, radio, and web media has conjured to dominate and control so many minds. I can work around the programming by introducing abstract moral truths, but the moment I reference modern cultural, my work goes ignored.

I feel myself losing touch with a society that I’ve taken for granted my entire writing life. In a gluttonous feast of sensational media
that has proven nearly impossible to extricate ourselves,
we allow the power of profiteers and con-artists
to stream content into our minds that programs us
to accept unprecedented levels of violence.
We celebrate military-style police powers
to remove our freedoms of expression,
the rights to own property at reasonable expense,
and our most basic rights to life under a banner of liberty.
In an **** of hatred and greed, a large swath of society
has proven comfortable with exterminating
or imprisoning human beings for the color of their skin
or the origin of their birth in private-for-profit prisons.
Yes, I definitely feel we are lost in a spiral of human descent,
where there is no end, only torment and death.

-Ron Gavalik
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I walk alone this August morning
as the heat begins its climb
and the ocean wind
is cooling in its soft touch

manta ray jumps and flips
and splashes
bragging to me its freedom

I walk alone
this endless beach
til the sweat drips and
the skin burns
and the storms roll
in distant chaos

there was a time when I would have considered
turning back
but those days have long since vanished
into the curve
that separates the climb
from the descent
oldie - light revision
Mahdi Dn Oct 2016
"Monstrous men perceive monstrosities the monsters they seem to be."

Open this chest of mine
With this steel key of yours
Reveal my essence - it shines,
Look through my opened surface.
What you perceive as I am, is what defines
The depths of mine
Which you think you have in your sight,
Is just a conjecture of your petty wit,
Representing your own shallow depths.

The secrets within me,
Are not understandable.
No matter how exposed
They become to the world.
TKO Jan 2016
Not looking forward to looking back.
Not looking forward
-- Start to retract.

                                                       ­       thoughts are cyclic

The creeping sedative
Numbing every sanctum.
The Gray comes like a stroke
With unstoppable momentum.

                                                      ­  behavior becomes translucent

Leaking feelings do not return
Leaving only those without yearning.
Better yet, desire goes out completely
Leaving a shell - shattered – empty.

                                                         ­      emotional apathy

The pieces don’t fit together any more.
The more you try, the more disfigured they become
-- And so the ink begins to run
On a page, which never sees the sun.

                                                           ­                     social withdrawal

Four walls with no doors, no windows.
Secluded amongst others who are sane.
Accompanied by a consciousness so malicious,
Every effort is made in vain.


Black and White meet.
The Gray is an admission…
An admission of defeat.
An admission of defeat.
Beinghonest Apr 2016
I'll shut you out,
because I love you.

I'll keep you away,
When I can't keep my thoughts at bay -
because I love you.

I won't call you up,
I won't let you worry -
or even know
that I'm descending
into a dark pit -
because I love you.

I'll fight them on my own,
I'll defeat them for us -
I'll make sure that you're not a spectator,
of the gory battles I seldom fight -
because I love you.
I won't subject you, to watching me at my weakest - and I'll always win for us :)
Leonardo J Mar 2016
An eclipse of the heart,
Sorrow celebrates,
Darkness reigns.
Shantelle Macasa Mar 2016
Once there was a lonely swing
It swung slowly at midday
But stood still at midnight
It was out of curiosty that i held its chain
Rusted from years of use

Slowly i sat and thought
"How lonely it must be to be forgotten"

To give pity on a swing
I must have lost my mind
So I held on and pushed
Slowly pushed on the cold sand
The swing creaked with each movement
Reminding me of its sullen old age

It brought me higher and higher
Euphoria filled me to the brim

I reached out as
I aimed for the stars
The constellations
The galaxies from afar
Grasping the dusts of the wind against my palm
Inhaling the cold city air

Breath in
Breath out

"Higher higher" i screamed
Lashing out to the nothingness that surronds me
Cringing to the sound of rust against rust

The silence was defeaning as I swung
So i pushed harder and harder
Till the universe embraced me
It made me dizzy as it took every ounce of my breath
So I had to stop
Because madness was an armlength away
Beckoning me to let go as i reached the peak of the sky

Maybe it wasn't so bad
To experience what it was like to fly for a moment
To be one with the midnight sky
Escaping reality for a second
Knowing i'll be crashing right back into its arms

So i gripped the chains and stopped
Allowing gravity to pull me back from my thoughts
Now the galaxies seemed to looked farther and farther
Seemlessly miniscule for my sight

The sound of night has now reached my ears
The harsh air has now reached my lungs
The insanity of what i may have done has now reached my mind

I then descend downwards from my fantasy
Landing from my left then to my right
I felt the cold sand against my worn out shoes
As i walk away from the lonely swing

The lonely swing that once gave me thoughts of madness and wonder
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