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Samuel Canerday Jan 2019
Wonder when, and wonder why
The sky was blue, now comes the rain
The birds don't fly, they hide away
Tell me heavens, why do you cry?
Samuel Canerday Jan 2019
Crazy, you call me
Because the voice in my head
Tells me things that you cant fathom
And what makes sense to me
Is, to you, like one big irrationality

Crazy, you say
That I don't accept the world as is
And find shelter within myself
Within the world I create, and created
Long ago, since time began

Why call me crazy?
I know we can't agree, I know that
We may never be the same, and yet
Surely we could coexist, I think
If you would take me as I am

So maybe I'm crazy
But it doesn't have to be that way
Not if you meet me in the middle
I try my best, I do, but I always fear
In the end, it just isn't good enough
Samuel Canerday Jan 2019
A gorgeous, if sullen landscape
This place past thought and mind
A dreaming world I've found here
Lost to the notice of time
As I stand here, on this precipice
I wonder to myself; Will I wake
When morning breaks, or shall I
Ride the qualms of this vision?

It doesn't matter what I think
For the sleep slips away regardless
Morning comes, I greet the sun
And wish again for the night
I'd rather stay dreaming most of the time
Samuel Canerday Jan 2019
I couldn't even bear to say it
Not to your face, for I know
In my heart it would hurt
And as for yours, I couldn't tell

To live this way strikes me to say
I live with such dishonesty, such
Curses I have laid upon myself
By insisting every day on lies

But I have hope, that one day past
I'll be stronger than I am at last
And I'll say what needs to be said
Breaking free from this sullen cage

Until then, I suppose, I'll have to wait
And pray that truth won't leave me
It just lost sight, for I've clouded myself
And delved deep into my own plight

It cannot reach me here, this I know
Unbearable to feel so gone, please god
Give me the wherewithal and courage
To just say the things on my heart's mind
Samuel Canerday Jan 2019
A simpleton
Awaken from your slumber

A brazen ox
The callous din
Now death has called your number

What a time
And place so fair
I'd wish for nothing greater

Sweetest rhyme
No more to bare
Be wary, says the satyr

Can I take
The ruthless shame
Life no longer fills me

Endless lake
So filled with blame
These roots rot the whole tree

Of endless shine
Take me one and all

With anodyne
Send me a sign
Sink back and let it fall

Here I am
But here I go
The soul will never mend

Oh darling lamb
What you don't know
Will break you in the end
Samuel Canerday Jan 2019
'Nary a whisper shook me that night
For it was the silence that held me so tight
And told me my name, in its humble way
But I should forget it the very next day
Such is the world, and so does it say
Will I remember, when light gives away?
I shouldn't think so, for memory does sleep
Perhaps it's too ghastly and buried too deep
Or perhaps it will find me one day when it may
Let me be gone before then, or so do I pray
Samuel Canerday Dec 2018
Seasons come and go, like the wind
On high
Maybe this time you can stay here
If you will
Nothing is ever assured, I fear, but the
Changing seasons
The world will turn and all my love
Will follow
In revolutions

The sun once set far below the earth
Out of sight
And there it met the moon and thought
What a delight
Is the sun any different, no matter where
It may be
Will the moon still find it as they turn
Somewhere out
In the galaxy

So stay here, alas, my sweetest love
Dear Persephone
No matter how the spring may call
Never leave
Your mother says that I'm no good
That may be
But I'll love you no matter the seasons
So please stay
Dear Persephone
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