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I woke up after a century,
I woke up in the after life,
no one sleep as long as i did,

My father was my brother and my Mother was my friend,
Life was a fiction,
Time was predicate,

I need you to wake me up,
For i slept from a lake and extended to the Sea
biting the bottom lip

she's been caught
Are you in love,
How do you feel
Do you giggle and smile
Do you frown when you cry
Do taste your gushing tears down your  *****.

I love you right now,
I love you right when I touched your lines,
I loved you but your words opened my eyes
I just love you

We walked in your garden and watered your roses,
We walked in and painted your frame
No one could hear you,but I did
I lasted as much as you wanted me to.

You called out your love for me,
You brought out your light to shine
You said I brought you back to life
When he lasted you with a coloun of avogado
I wasn't there

I love you but we remained strangers,
We walk the Earth as we drown in life
We watch and build the vacuum of time
No doctor can cure the love of a broken smile
I love you

For a life without me is on lust with love,
I love who you become before me
I asked for all you had
You gave without asking me what I wanted
You just loved me even in my ways

I just love you because you are wonderful
I need you,
I want you even if no one does
I would watch over you
I would kiss you head and cast you in my arms and forever
A tale I never knew
The world is funny,
It is filled with the memories of a thousand Laughter,
I imagine how intriguing the moments are,
When the world greets you good morning from summer and spring,

I imagine how we live one day at a time,
I just wish at the end our humor is built to live for eternity,
                         Your sweet laughter was born of aspiration and dreams,
As awaken as noon and as conscious as nightfall,
I wish for a generation of laughter
We all dream for tomorrow
We all leverage our will

I miss my past as i stand with my future,
I like to fall in your arms,
I love to sail in your ocean
I love to wreck my harbor with your overwhelming fog

We owe our destinies to our creator,
She builds and waters all souls from glory to glory,
You were never as good as yesterday
You almost lost it for my sake
I raised you and prospered you
I brought you here to read my story

I will burn all my bridges,
Just for you to hold my hands
I know with you i need no plane to walk on the earth

I stood by all and yet the multitude watched,
Turn yourself inside out and watch my movie,
Be my heroine over acts and scenes

A scandalous heart is what you desire,
A wilful past is what you achieved
So remember i love you
I wish you were near
But now it’s noon time
So i must say goodbye to rest my head

If i have written something
That has caused you to grief,
I say a happy Halloween
I wish you a rebirth

A chubby little snowman
Had a carrot nose
Along came a bunny bear,
And what do you suppose

We laugh and make merry,
We look along to the wind,
Ode to what we lost and smile to what we achieved
I will see more of your smiles for i know
All what you desire is joy above all.

Your sweet laughter is the water flowing through my vine
The wind beneath the earth with blowing leaves,
My breath drawn in
And my excavation moves beyond
It is the forces that push all things i assist
Three things that make my life complete

Our love for Mother Nature will remain in our clan,
It will console us at the point of our want,
Your laughter made me a soul humorous to life
The best feeling i have ever known is the feeling of happiness
You can feel it keeping you above us

I wish to keep laughing till you tickle me to stop,
We do not get a chance per day to be famous
As the world feels our joy from a distance
They bless us in a thousand folds
Blessed with grace.

I love a world with you smiling at me,
I know you would not leave me alone
I am happy you found me when i needed your care
I would love your sweet laughter when i can be with you
In the absence of the world

I love you blessing of my youth,
I love what you made me do
You graze the sheep and water my bans
You are blessed beyond your reach
Your generation is one without causes

I will walk with joy and live with laughter for your stand
I am glad you bring joy to my *****
Joy to my world, a nation above the mantel
I build a castle of ending laughter
I can pour tears,
I can raise mountains,
I can draw the forces, but I could keep you,
For you were my pride and hero,
My fortress and Star,
Even do you left abridge the year,
I still miss you.
Everyday I close my eyes  I still see you,

I still dream of your words,
You never stop pushing me,
I felt you had the world,
I felt you had prime for time,

I still stand to you the general,
A legend with a thousand army,
You live on in my heart,
I love you,even as you watch over me,

I am joyed for you kept your home glittering,
I am proud of your accomplishments,
I am doomed to succeed,
You live on my general..
Ode to OJ Ududua
It pains the tree to let it’s fruit fall on a stormy weather..
It pains the rain to fall to till the earth..

It works a versel to the fullness activity of life...
How can I say ...for words forbid I be angry...
We all live in argony, disgust and penury..
I wish I could take your breath and dump your corpse....
For ballad is a remedy for remembrances...
To the words of deceit and the soul of wickedness is seeking your reproach....

Oh I wish you knew you were a foe among the sheep,I wish I never knew you....

For we all leave a memorial to kiss the sands of time..I wish the earth would leave you beyond the hemisphere....and the heat burn your flesh.

I wish you sweat on a running soul...Drain blood all the way....
Wickedness is an act no one’s heritage....

We all will go....beyond we will go.....were my will wouldn’t save you from Anguish and dispare
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