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Lehua Lokelaulii Jan 2016
i love you more than i knew i could love anyone. it's scary. i'm sorry, it's still new to me.
Lehua Lokelaulii Jan 2016
You still think about the person she was.
The little things that happen throughout the day remind you of her.
How she used to laugh at the little things you did
or how she looked at you when you smiled.
she loved you but you loved them.
Lehua Lokelaulii Nov 2015
And I'd never ask you to be okay with some of the things i need to be "okay" with.
Lehua Lokelaulii Nov 2014
I understand why you did drugs.
It numbs the pain and sadness.
Everyone wants to numb their pain and sadness..
Lehua Lokelaulii Nov 2014
So strong for so long?
Baby drop the act,
It's over.
Cry, scream, grip your pillow, cause you deserve to let it out.
Lehua Lokelaulii Nov 2014
She's locked herself in her room again,
"Honey come out"
"No, I want to be alone, just leave me alone."
For days she doesn't want to come out.
Not to eat.
Blocks out everyone.
It's becoming natural for people to forget her.
But why? She's so beautiful.
Maybe she feels she's not.
Lehua Lokelaulii Nov 2014
Can we really be who we want to be?
when we sit there every night thinking about what we want to begin with,
ending every night with no answer for ourselves.
So, how can we be who we want, when not even ourselves know what we want.
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