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What am I?

"Cast your body into the ocean,
   ask if there are Greeks down there?

Sail, as it were, upon the Seas...
   ...and find yourself; every where."

A: The Phoenicians who created the alphabet. The Alphabet has risen and falling with world trade and it has become a universal system. The art of language has been both hindered by the oceans and delivered by them.
my desire
thwarted Kition
by wharf
that pruned
their garnishes
and the
outing did
plait round
their Phoenicia
that Jezebel
lured bounty
with her
beauty and
Cypress lament
Alexander's army
that fought
war almighty!
trade war with cypress
Well it’s a thing about wood,
a sea-cret about stone
a tension in the heavens;
has left earth all alone…

You’ll find it in your heart,
see it in your mind
hear it in the sounds;
repeating over time…

That’s the thing about stone,
the difference in the wood
all the loneliness of earth;
out of a darkness came good…

A secret in a song
a music in the wood
a message in stone,
from the heavens;
as it should.

Secrets in song
music from wood
a feeling of good…

Love of your heart
found in your mind
beauty of the heavens;
and it’s repeated over time.

— The End —