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Nicole Apr 24
Hush -
hear the stillness in the waters,
the calm and steady to and fro,
the ripple-less canvas
that delivers life to our door.

Clear and cavernous,
bliss is found in it’s depths.
Toes dipped in, cooling
in summer’s relentless heat.

Teaming with adventure,
dates chronicled in the flow.
Silence deafening, suppressing,
newness found in attention.
Nicole Apr 24
Excitement pumped throughout my palms.
Sitting on the table,
I waited for a sign from you.
Hope lingered,
if only I would have known.

There was so much to look forward to
in this little room.
So many dreams to be had
by this small existence.
Only time would tell.

We held our breath
to hear our future.
Tears and anger followed.
There was no sign.
No sound.
No beat.
No life.

I’ll never forget the defeat
the denial
the devastation
the death.
You had barely just begun.
Now you will never be.

I felt it was my fault.
I could have done better.
I could have dreamed bigger.
I could have wished harder.
I could have…
done nothing.

I think about you often.
What would you look like?
What would you become?
Do you think of me too?
I’d like to think we’d be friends,
past the titles we were originally given,
but it will never be.

You left me that day.
It wasn’t your fault,
but I weep every year.
Understanding has never come.
My heart holds you still,
my joy.
Nicole Apr 24
Imposing green,
a lonely stretch
into the streaking sky.

Strong and steady,
never wavering,
even in the gales.

Crisp leaves
flutter and shift,
always reaching up.
Nicole Apr 24
ink tinged night
murky veil covering
dim, blood splattered eyes
cowering in the corner
sweat soaking skin
an outstretched arm trembles
grabbing the glass again
Nicole Apr 24
pen to paper
joy in the craft
don't lose momentum

a poet should prize
more than the analects
they put to a page

mark my word:
live in colors caught
expose and labor in the flow
sagacity is the destination
Nicole Apr 23
eyes softly caressing
fingertips alighting in goosebumps
whispers beckon the night

all are bridges to you
Nicole Apr 23
centered, I envision my next flux for the illuminant
deepening each stretch, I angle to the ruminant
breaths breathed deep, I press into a bent round
clearing my mind space, hands grasping at the ground

mornings pass by, entering each one in the same
renewing by imitating nature's avid, sparking flame
rhythm artlessly singing, conflict emptied at the door
consciousness absolved, my bond begins here on the floor
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