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Just GS 5d
Lost for words -
Still I try
years have passed
& gone away
Rest in peace
A forgotten face
Etched in stone
Embered pain
Her ash long stained
My soul
Alone, alive disgraced
First love
First loss
My cross to bare
yet, no one knows
Just me and my ghosts
Just GS Apr 6
Legitimately illegitimate me
Immediate wants perceived as needs
Filling voids to avoid my thoughts
Healthy hurts alone I'll rot
Buy me love I cant afford
Sold my soul a while ago
My employer's name is pain
Redacted last night today's the same
Just GS Mar 21
Alive, a lie
Heaven sent
Wishful, why
I fear the light
Too long I'm wrong
To love tonight
I try to cry
No tears appear
I miss you here
Alone I’ll die
Fine, rewind
Relive your fears
Worse yet, regrets
Hearst left you're right
A life for mine
A line wayback
Blind – for I'm
Too old to fly
Too weak to attack
Too mad to react
Ill advised
By my old friends
I love to laugh, they hate to ask
Seems we have a lot to grasp
London summers sound real nice
Las vagas winter's crowds and lights
Maybe here has run it's course
Trust tomorrow grounds us both
Just GS Feb 17
Featured today
More woe-is-me poetry
Feet hurt to wait
Formally known as grief
Habits to break
Torn from my old beliefs
Savage escapes
Warn folks who need see
Average joe make
Corners quick gracefully
Or maybe too quick
With crash and burns great to see
Well..maybe it's just me
Aren't crash & burns just so great to see?
Just GS Feb 16
We each play our fiddle while Babylon crumbles  -
The meek see no favor, waivers saved so we seem blessed
Deeds we invested
Lies now infested
Piles of chest pain
Vested til sweat hurt
****** the fibers
Soaks a new white shirt
Carried through brush and ruined her moms favorite sweater . . .
Dead souls we digress
Each and every one of us
When one of us
Worse yet
When we complain about our inconveniences
Take away someone's time
Who need not listen -
Those, who, at a moments notice oversee a situation, supersedes your issues
Calm down ***** you are not the victim -
Maybe put the phone away -
Her name was May
She had a name

Her name was May
Just GS Feb 11
Last night broke me
I’m coping though I hope you know
I came to be this loner so
I could breathe you see it’s not enough
Equal grief I preached
The liars listened
Seasons greet me with warm intentions
Guess we side on old affections
Leave the light on
Porch lit mentions
Sent my last text
Mixed up guessing
Can't connect with no exceptions
Ex Mr Worthwhile my lone exemption
That place in your heart its callous this section
Remember before life blindsided me
I could see the whole world in your eyes
Now all I see is contempt
Just GS Feb 11
I’m not my profile picture
I’m here for you but never there
A lot has changed, afraid it's true
I’m not the person that you once knew
I look in the mirror, a stranger stares back
Unkempt and stressed from blessings I missed
Lackluster eyes unfocused, broken
Hope when I sleep to never awake
Carry me off to where I was made
I am not my ugliest photo
Nor am I anyone's best guess
I have made my prison given words to impress
You take them please let me leave from these cages
Instagram gone away I’ll never come back
Last chance to chat snaps mask on for laughs back
Fall asleep like a creep with my face in your book
It took me too long to admit it, I’m missing everything
Trying to see everything on a cracked screen
Time killing to avoid how I feel
Vanities streaming, screaming believe me!
I see nothing new
I feel nothing real
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