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Zoe Mae Nov 2018
They say you should keep your enemies

closer than you keep your friends

Good thing I go to bed with myself every

Zoe Mae Nov 2018
I won't dangle
I won't sway
I'll make sure it snaps right away
I'd rather break
Than learn to bend
At least I know
How it will end
Zoe Mae Nov 2018
I reached into the bag and
Pulled out what I got
They said I had to live with it
Like it or not
It didn't seem fair
But they insisted it was
Life is what your born
I asked why? Just because
They said please go stand
In that line over there
A biped will approach you
Pretending to care
At this point I tossed
My grab back towards the sack
I quipped I'll pass on the offer
And dove into the black
Zoe Mae Nov 2018
They said my hand is a weapon

Because it's covered in dirt

So put it away

Before someone gets hurt

They claimed my head is a bomb

Cuz they hear it tick tock

So you best just stay put

Instead of risking a walk

They said my tounge is a sword

Quite deadly but small

So I finally agreed

And beheaded them all
Zoe Mae Nov 2018
The only thing you can do

when in a deep dark hole

is look up
Zoe Mae Nov 2018
You know you don't belong anywhere
in a vat of misfit stew you find you're
the only one clinging to the
Zoe Mae Nov 2018
You say more with your tone than your


But it's your silence that I hear the


When we touch I can feel you go


How are you so far away yet so

Zoe Mae Jan 2018
Why am I always afraid
I can't figure why
Is it cuz this bed I've made
Feels like a coffin in the sky

Floating over crowds alone
I never feel connected
This place doesn't seem like home
And I always get rejected

I may look human just like you
With two legs underneath
Two arms that don't know what to do
Wrapped round me like a sheath

A mouth that opens, words come out
Sometimes in a faint whisper
Other times I scream and shout
In the mirror at my sister

Two eyes that blink but do not see
A nose that does not smell
A feeling I'm not meant to be
And that this must be hell

If so then why is no one here
And I'm the only one
I feel my heart swollen with fear
And I just turn and run

Why am I always afraid
I just don't know why
Is it cuz this bed I've made's
My coffin in the sky

— The End —