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N 7d
I do not want to exist in front of anyone's eyes anymore.
N Apr 13
Apocalypse to bliss.
Blush to crypt.
Danger to kiss.
Satin to flames.
knife to names.
N Feb 20
I was a menace
out in the dark, out in the rain, out with the black candy canes

I was a taunter
hidden behind my laughter, my wounds, my obscene gestures ... oh no, were they too cruel?

One look is all it took,
to strike a match with your eyes
inflamed memories through burnt fingertips
deceased flashbacks floating down to the bottom of the river
I galavant thru alleyways with gloved hands
purely my gaze should make you shiver

this life form has left me half torn
laying underneath the stars right next to the gutter
more noble gentlemen have risked their romances for your my dear

what would you take me for?
I ride the dead night upon my black horse in circles
among the empty hills and through the startled trees
enveloping and twisting before the moon herself
carefully eying those who've permanently plagued me
beheading several in rows like collapsed flowers on a grave


Don't stay out too long
I'd run if I were you
it's getting a little too late.
N Jul 2020
N Jul 2020
cobwebs all around your raven hair
you smell of evil and purity.

Dark intentions grow further
It’s all getting to me.
Everything‘s enveloping alarmingly.

I like when you graze my cheeks
With both hands
10 fingernails submerging deep into my skin.
N Jul 2020
Pluck my petals off
Spread my wings open
Because without you I feel nothing

Raise the level of pain
Elevate the insanity
Lift me up gently
just to ******* tear me down completely
Maybe on the side of the road
Please rip my halo off from my fake world,
plant horns instead  

Subside the heaven in me
Raise the hell in me

screaming agression  
& subtle hymns

I’m dainty by possession
not all lochness monsters swim
N Mar 2020
i feel the first draw of blood on my lips when i've bitten down.
it's an uneasy feeling tasting your own blood.

teeth meets metal.
tongue meets regret.
throat meets gag reflex.
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